My Top 7 Money Saving Apps

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Technology has become a huge part of our day to day lives, so why not take advantage of it! I use a number of apps to save/earn money with little to no effort. These are the top money saving apps that I use to save money and why I think they are beneficial! Want some other ways to save money? Check out Make Money Without Trying!

Money Saving Apps

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My Top 7 Money Saving Apps

  1. Walmart App (Savings Catcher)- I shop at Walmart quite a bit because there are no decent grocery stores near where I live. I didn’t know about the Savings Catcher feature they have at Walmart for a while and certainly didn’t know how easy it was to use! All you do is open the app, scan your receipt using your phone camera, and they automatically search stores in your area with the products you purchased. They match the lower price if there is one in your area. I doubted they would ever find one just to save their butt but I am happy to report that I have received credits totaling $40 from them within the last 4 months. I usually buy Walmart Brand items but if you don’t, those savings will be MUCH higher for you!
  2. Ibotta App- This is an awesome app! It gives you money back for groceries that rarely have sales or coupons on them. This includes money off fruit, eggs, milk, yogurt, toiletries, etc! You can shop by items or shop by stores. I love that you can connect to Facebook and make teams with other users. There are various goals to meet for the week and the month that everyone has to pitch in to meet. The best part is, there are no free riders. If you don’t contribute a certain $ amount of savings then you don’t get the reward. If you sign up using my code: yfdrsco You will get an extra $10 in your account when you redeem your first rebate!
  3. Target Cartwheel App-This has been absolutely awesome for me. I have gotten 6 pack bottles of soda for around $1 by stacking the Cartwheel discounts on top of the sales then using my Target Red Card. I’m sure you have heard them offer you this card a million times but did you know it’s not a credit card? They have a debit card option that gives you 5% off every purchase and takes it directly out of your bank account. My favorite part about this app: you can scan all of the things you’re buying with the Cartwheel app and it tells you what coupons the store is offering for those items. You can add them to your shopping cart and the cashier scans the bar code at the register. It’s painless and saves you quite a bit of money!
  4. Retailmenot– I love this app. It has discounts and offers for tons of stores. You just type in the store you want a coupon for and select online or in store. The only problem is that some stores don’t offer in store discounts but majority of them to give you coupon codes to use online.
  5. Groupon– This is awesome for trips you want to do or local festivities. You can find tons of deals from various companies in the area for things such as a massage, rock climbing adventures, products, etc. My best find was a $29 hour deep tissue massage at a place that takes over a month and a half just to schedule a Saturday in our area. This is definitely worth checking into and I’ve found some great deals on trips from this app. Sign up here and have fun shopping!
  6. Acorns– This app is awesome! It’s kind of like a virtual piggy bank for those who don’t use credit cards instead of cash. It rounds up all of your purchases and puts the extra cents into your account. You don’t realize how quickly these cents add up to some real cash for you to use on other things. That’s not all though! It saves your money and invests it into stocks. You get to choose whether you want it to be conservative or aggressive investments. It costs $1 a month to use this app but we’ve found that we earn much more than $1 a month, so it’s worth it! If you sign up with this link, it will give you $5 when you join and we get $5 too!
  7. Digit– This is a great app that analyzes your spending each month and sneaks money out of your account that you wouldn’t miss. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars using it since I started a few months ago and haven’t really noticed the difference except things are a bit tighter. It’s pretty easy to get back out again if you need to and you can tell it to take out more or less money as well. I’m using it to save up for birthday and christmas presents! It’s completely safe and there aren’t any fees to withdraw the money either. Why wouldn’t you want to start saving money? Click here to sign up!

We have personally tried and regularly use these money saving apps so I can vouch for their quality. These are extremely handy to have on your phone to help you save a few dollars. It may not seem like much but it all adds up. Get in the habit of using these apps before, or as you shop, to optimize your savings.

Another reason I like these money saving apps is that they are all available on the computer. You simply go to their website and can access the same information. It is quite handy if you like to see things on a bigger screen.

If you have any additional money saving apps you use and love please comment below so I can check them out!

My Top 7 Money Saving Apps