Spavia Day Spa Review-An Affordable Spa Day in Fort Collins, Colorado

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Ladies and gentlemen, I had THE BEST massage I’ve ever had last month. You want to know what the best part about it is? I had this absolutely incredible hot stone massage on a college budget! I have been searching for an affordable hot stone massage for months and had pretty much given up on anything less than $100 for a half an hour to an hour massage. That was until I stumbled upon the Spavia Day Spa on Groupon. I seriously could not get my wallet out fast enough, and I’m usually someone who has to think about purchases before I make them. $50 for a luxury hot stone massage was just too good to be true! They had $40 options too, but hot stone massages are my favorite and $50 is pretty much unbeatable. Little did I know, that Spavia would completely exceed my expectations and then some. Here’s a special Spavia Day Spa review for those who want to treat themselves this month!


The Groupon Deal for a Spa Day in Fort Collins

I found this Groupon by going to and searching for massage or hot stone massage near me. Click here to find a link to Groupon and some more of our favorite money saving apps!  You can sort your results by location, price, distance, and popularity. I like to do it by distance to see what’s closest to me. If you live in the Fort Collins area, it should be one of the first ones to pop up (if they are still running their Groupon deal). If you can’t find Spavia on Groupon anymore, scroll down to see some of their current specials.

Spa Day!

I had a little bit of trouble finding Spavia as it’s tucked around a corner of the mall. There’s parking catty corner to the shop front, but it’s only a 30 second to 1 minute walk. There was plenty of spots to park for my Monday morning appointment. After I found the shop, I walked in and was delighted to find a cozy and charming area out front. There were tons of things you could purchase to take with you such as scents, heated neck warmers, jewelry, bath bombs, massage tools, and much more. There was soft, soothing music playing and the staff was helpful and kind.

Spavia Day Spa Review

I filled out some information about myself and my preferences for the massage. I even got to choose the type of music I wanted to listen to during my massage which I thought was neat. After I was done filling that out, I received a tour to show me where the relaxation room was, where my locker was, and some of the features their bathroom/locker room area had. I was blown away by how beautiful the bathroom was and their use of natural materials and colors throughout. There was a bathroom, a changing room, and a shower in case you needed one after your massage.

Spavia Day Spa Review

In the other corner, was a locker. In my locker, there was a nice white bath robe and a pair of really cute and really comfortable sandals. I can tell you that I was certainly not expecting that and it made the experience much more fun and special. I quickly changed and locked all of my stuff in the locker before heading over to the relaxation room before my massage. This relaxation room was pure bliss! It was dimly lit with soft music playing and water fountains to help you relax. They also had hot tea, hot water, or cold water available for you to enjoy while you wait. My favorite part was the warm lavender neck warmer that you could use in the relaxation room. I didn’t want to take it off! The only downside of this room that I noticed was if two friends were in there together they were quite chatty making it hard to relax and they took up all of both couches so I had to sit in a less comfortable chair. Other than that, this room did exactly what it was supposed to and I left feeling calm and ready to doze off.

Massage Time!

After about 5-10 minutes in the relaxation room, Jeff came to get me for my massage. He started out by asking some questions about where I wanted him to focus on and I told him that I was having a lot of pain in the entire left side of my back. Rather than saying something like “Oh, I’ll focus on that during your massage” like most people have said to me, he took the time to find what the underlying issue was. It turns out, I had a very tight muscle on the right side of my body that connects to the left side. He loosened that muscle up and then showed me a number of exercises to do at home to keep that from happening again. To say I was impressed would be a complete understatement!

Spavia Day Spa Review

The Relaxation Room

Now it was time for the hot stone massage. Previously when I have gotten hot stone massages, I have only done 30 minute ones. This only allowed time for my back and a quick massage of my arms and legs. My experience at Spavia was completely different! I had a thorough massage of my legs, arms, back, hands, feet, neck, and even my head. The stones were just the right temperature and the pressure was perfect to get the knots out without it hurting too much. I was completely relaxed the whole time.

I also chose to add on a Fijan Warm-Oil scalp treatment. I love when my hair is played with so this was a very relaxing addition to my massage. I really liked that the oil was so warm and that it was really massaged into my scalp. The Fijan warm-oil scalp treatment was $20 for 10 minutes, but it was worth it in my opinion. I wouldn’t do it if you’re planning to go out in public directly afterwards though. They say that you should leave in the oil for up to 24 hours to give your hair more shine and moisturize your scalp. That part was great, but the way my hair looked all greasy right before I went to study on campus, I wasn’t super crazy about. Next time, I think I’ll just go straight home after my massage so I don’t have to worry about it. You could take a shower at Spavia to wash it out, but the oil is supposed to be really good for you, so I chose to leave it in.

Spavia Day Spa Review

This is their gorgeous shower!

What happens after the spa treatment?

After my massage was over, Jeff asked if I wanted water or tea. I asked for water so he left a cup of water outside for me to drink once I had my robe and shoes back on. I headed back to the relaxation room to put on another neck warmer and to get a refill on my drink. I could have stayed in that room forever if I didn’t have to go study for an exam. In the locker room/bathroom there was a spot in the corner to put your used neck warmer. There was also a place to put your sandals and towels so they could be washed. I freshened up and headed out to pay.

Paying was really easy and smooth. They accepted my Groupon and gave me the massage for that price. I added on the warm-oil scalp massage and they had a handy tip sheet that you could use to see how much you should tip. You absolutely SHOULD tip for your massage. If they take care of you, you should take care of them. I tipped according to what the actual price of the massage was, not what I paid for it. They placed it in an envelope with his name on it so he would receive the tip.

Overall, I can’t begin to explain how impressed I was with Spavia. I honestly expected it to be a huge, impersonal spa chain but it was anything but that. From the moment I walked in the door I felt like the center of attention and well taken care of. The front of the day spa is relaxing and charming, offering lots of unique and helpful items to their customers. The staff was attentive and cheerful, making my time there very enjoyable. The whole time I was checking out, I was running numbers in my head to figure out how/when I could make it back. If you’re on a tight budget like I am, you’re going to LOVE their membership packages for a discounted massage or facial every month!

Spavia Day Spa Membership Packages

Though the prices aren’t as amazing as their Groupon deals, they still pack a big punch into their membership packages. Below is a picture of their Spa membership packages, but this month they are offering even more savings on top of the packages! If you’re looking for an early graduation gift, this would be PERFECT! In fact, I would really like this… hint hint ?

Spavia Day Spa Review

I am in no way affiliated with Spavia Day Spa. I bought their Groupon and loved it SO MUCH that I wanted to share it with you guys. You can get some great discounts off treatments if you sign up for their membership packages. I’m adding that to my graduation present wish list. If you get a treatment through them, please leave a comment here on our Spavia Day Spa review post to let us know what you thought. You can save this pin on Pinterest below!

Having a spa day on a college budget isn't always easy or even possible! Luckily, I found this beautiful place called Spavia Day Spa with amazing facials and massages that were also affordable. If you're looking for a spa in Fort Collins, Colorado on a college budget, this spa is for you! Click here to check out this Spavia Day Spa review and don't forget to save it to your board for later. Having a spa day on a college budget isn't always easy or even possible! Luckily, I found this beautiful place called Spavia Day Spa with amazing facials and massages that were also affordable. If you're looking for a spa in Fort Collins, Colorado on a college budget, this spa is for you! Click here to check out this Spavia Day Spa review and don't forget to save it to your board for later.