Scratch Off World Map

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I am a huge fan of keeping track of where I have traveled in the world. I am very sentimental and keep everything from ticket stubs to post cards that we collect along the way. Recently, I became obsessed with the app “Been” which allows you to mark off the countries you’ve been to, but I wanted something tangible that I could hold and display in my home. Our friends over at sent us an awesome scratch off world map and one to give away to our readers (which we already have)!


Scratch Off Map by Wanderlustria

Scratch Off World Map

If you have never seen these scratch off world maps, then you’re in for a real treat! When you visit a state or country in the world, you scratch it off on your map. The map serves as a colorful display of your travels while showing places that you have not seen yet. I’ve seen a few of these maps but I really love the features of this one.

  1. First, it doesn’t have the U.S., Canada, and Australia as one solid mass. The map is split up into the states and territories. That allows you to mark off each one that you’ve been to without marking off the whole country. I thought that was really neat.
  2. The map tells you neat facts about the world such as the tallest mountains and where they’re located; the lowest land on earth and where they are located; and lastly the deepest water. I love all of these little tidbits of information.
  3. The back of the map is filled with fun facts about individual countries, landmarks, and unique things about the world. I love that it supports your wanderlust by marking off where you’ve been. It also encourages wanderlust by telling you unique things about the world you have yet to explore.

Completely scratched Scratch Off Map from Wanderlustria

Completely scratched Scratch Off Map from Wanderlustria

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We want to give a HUGE thank you to Wanderlustria for these awesome maps and for the special checkout code. We love ours and can’t wait to fuel someone else’s wanderlust!

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