Stocking Stuffer Presents for Men

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Christmas time is almost here and it’s never too early to start picking up gifts! Why are men always so hard to shop for? I recruited my boyfriend to help me brainstorm some ideas of presents for men by asking him what he would like in his stocking or what his favorite stocking gifts have been so far. Here are some ideas to help you fill your man’s stocking. If you see something you like, click on the picture!

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Stocking Stuffer Presents for Men

1. Bluetooth Headphones

My boyfriend has a pair of these Bluetooth headphones and loves them. He uses them to work out and he doesn’t have to worry about the cord getting in the way. This would be an awesome gift for the active man in your life.

2. Smartwool Socks

Every man needs more socks and these ones are so warm and comfortable. They’re great for skiing and any other outdoor activity when the temperatures start to drop.

3. Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is delicious and I hear it’s the way to a man’s heart! My man LOVES to find Beef Jerky in his stocking and I’m sure yours will too. Jack Links has so many different flavors to choose from and they’re all delicious!

4. Cologne or Body Spray

This is a no brainer! You want your man to smell good and this gives you the opportunity to pick it out yourself. American Eagle’s 1977 is my pick for my boyfriend. It smells amazing!

5. A Lighter

Is it just me or do men almost always seem to have a lighter on them? There are so many times a lighter would come in handy so keep your man stocked up!

6. Deck of Playing Cards

Having an extra set of cards laying around is always a good idea. This is a great idea if your man loves to play Poker!

7. Rubik’s Cube

Does the man in your life like a challenge? My boyfriend loves his Rubik’s cube. It even has a stand for them to proudly show off their accomplishment. It’s a good way to keep them busy and to keep their mind sharp!

8. Pocket Knife or Swiss Army Knife

Men have so many uses for a knife. I personally love Swiss Army knives because you can do so much with them but a pocket knife will also do the trick! Choose one that fits your man’s personality, style, and his needs.

9. Bottle Opener

How many times have you heard your man ask to borrow a bottle opener or have to use his keys? There are so many AWESOME bottle openers out there. Make sure he’s opening his beers in style from now on! The bottle openers that look like playing cards actually fit in the card slots in your wallet. How cool is that?

10. Hand Warmers or Foot Warmers

11. Boxers

I mean, is it really Christmas if you don’t get socks and underwear? That’s just part of growing up. Spoil him on these though. Get him a nice comfy pair that he wouldn’t go spend money on. We LOVE ExOfficio underwear. They are so comfortable and easy to wash. We use them when we are traveling or will be hiking. You can also grab some funny printed ones too. American Eagle always has some awesome men’s underwear!

12. Comfy Fleece Pants

I mean, who doesn’t like to crawl into a comfy pair of pants, especially on a cold wintery night? Your man may not tell you these are on his wish list but he will definitely appreciate them! You may have to roll these up tight to make them fit in the stocking but we couldn’t leave these off the list!

So there you have it! There are 12 ideas of presents for your man to fill his stocking at Christmas. If you like an item, click on the picture and you can read more about it. Have fun and good luck! Don’t forget to check out our post about saving money on purchases online and in store. You’ll appreciate the extra savings.

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Men are always so hard to shop for. Click here to find some easy stocking stuffer ideas for men! Don't forget to save this for later.