My Top 10 Destinations of 2015

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In 2015 I was fortunate enough to explore a large portion of Europe with my boyfriend in the beginning of the summer. We also did a huge road trip across the United States of America earlier in the year and we found some of the coolest places along the way. From these trips I was able to compile a list of my top 10 destinations I visited in 2015. If you get a chance to explore any of these places, I highly recommend doing so! Enjoy hearing my favorite parts of each destination!

My Top 10 Destinations of 2015

10. Nice, France

Nice, FranceThe beautiful coastline of Nice

I loved Nice, with its expansive views of the water and gorgeous streets. It was my first experience with a rock beach but the pebble beach was beautiful and I found some pretty pebbles to bring home. I could have laid on the beach all day but we decided to explore the city and got some awesome pictures from the top of a cliff. I also loved that the city was so much bigger than you would have thought from the shore. This was a beautiful destination, definitely worth mentioning on the list!


9. Venice, Italy

VeniceThe canals of Venice

Venice is a beautiful city that uses mostly canals as its transportation. This was an awesome look into the history of this city as we toured it through canals. When we weren’t in a boat, we were walking the city where there were beautiful shops and quaint restaurants tucked away. My favorite of the souvenirs I found there were that of Venetian glass. It was amazing to watch how they shaped the glass into beautiful shapes. This city is packed with hidden gems and beautiful bridges everywhere you look.

8. Austria

IMG_3203The delicious food at Pürstner in Austria

I didn’t expect this country to be one of my favorite places before visiting but man was I wrong! I absolutely loved the beautiful countryside of Austria. We also went to Vienna and were able to learn about the beautiful buildings in the city. One of my favorite parts was an amazing authentic restaurant my dad visits every time he goes to Austria called Pürstner. The food was amazing and the decorations were fantastic! Austria was absolutely breathtaking and we got to learn how Schnapps was made too. Our time there was awesome!

7. The Grand Canyon

The Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon

This year was my first experience at the Grand Canyon and it was absolutely beautiful! It was really cool to learn about how it was made over the years. Then there was how amazing it was just sitting and looking over the vast canyon. This park also had some awesome wildlife. We saw a huge buck and some bull elk within our first 20 minutes in the park. I love nature so this was a huge plus for me!


6. Rocky Mountain National Park

IMG_3704This beauty is actually basically in my backyard. Since moving out to Colorado, we have been to this park a dozen times. The drive up takes my breath away every single time we trek up there. The park is filled with awesome wildlife such as: moose, elk, deer, bear, and tons of other smaller animals. It also has so many different trails to hike, various campsites, pretty roads to drive, and an awesome place to stop and shop at the top. I love that we see wildlife every time we go up there and the views are spectacular!


5. Paris, France

IMG_2810Putting our lock on the Love Lock Bridge

Paris is an unbelievable city! It was the most romantic city we visited in 2015 by far. There’s just something about the city that just makes you feel young, free, and alive. We put a lock on the Love lock bridge, literally days before they cut them all down. We also took the stairs all the way up the Eiffel Tower, which was definitely a challenge, but it was all worth it when we got to the first big level. We took the elevator all the way to the top for even more beautiful views and ended our night in Paris with a picnic on the lawn waiting for the lights to turn on. Our day in Paris was like one out of a movie!IMG_2826

4. Corfu, Greece

IMG_3030A little poolside treat

I couldn’t believe the beauty of Greece. Everyone talks about how amazing it is, but until you actually see it for your own eyes, you can’t even imagine. We spent much of our time by the water, whether it was our hotel’s pool, a cruise on George’s Boat, or exploring a lighthouse at the top of a hill. We got to explore some ruins and go on a cruise where we swam off the side of the boat and enjoyed the beautiful views. I loved that there was so much to do and that everything was so cheap there. It was the right amount of relaxation and adventure.

A beautiful sunset in CorfuA beautiful sunset in Corfu

3. Rome, Italy

RomeThe Colosseum in Rome

Rome2Who wouldn’t love this city?! It’s so rich in history. We did a tour of the Colosseum and the surrounding areas and I was blown away by what they have uncovered thus far and what still lies somewhere under our feet. I’m not even a history buff but I wanted to soak up all of the amazing ruins and history of this area. I loved that everywhere you went there were ruins on the street and reminders of the past. It was definitely one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited!

2. Spain

Gaudi HouseA “Gaudi House” in Barcelona

I’ve always had a soft spot for Spain. I’ve studied Spanish for years and have been to Spain twice already. There’s just something about the culture, the food, the architecture, and the proximity to beautiful beaches that I love! It was such a cool experience to see the bull fights and the Flamenco shows during my time spent in Spain. Then there is the delicious food.. I crave Paella and Sangria as soon as I leave Spain. I also love how beautiful all of the hand painted momentos from this city are such as beautiful Flamenco dancer figurines and the beautiful fans. This country is absolutely beautiful and has a little bit of something for everyone, and I absolutely love that!



1. Switzerland

SwitzerlandThis country absolutely took my breath away. I absolutely loved all of the beautiful mountains and it reminded me of my own home a little bit towards the end of our trek across Europe. It helped that we got to stay half way up Mount Titlis and wake up in the mountains every morning! We also went all the way to the top of the mountain in a gondola and were able to explore a Glacier Cave, make snowmen, and I got to brave my fear of heights by walking over a very unstable feeling bridge. Switzerland is the place that felt most like it could be home for me, and that is why it scored the number one spot on my list.

Switzerland2Mountains poking through the clouds at the top of Mount Titlis in Switzerland

These were my top 10 destinations that I visited in 2015. I loved each and every one of them and I am so excited to get back to them as soon as possible. What were your favorite destinations of 2015? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

My Top 10 destinations of 2015