Best Kids Bed Tents 2023 Review

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Do you have a child who fusses at bedtime?

The trick to getting kids excited for bed is to purchase kids bed tents, which makes every night (and day) an adventure!

To find the perfect bed tent for your child or grandchild, I review the best kids bed tents currently on the market, including all the pros and cons of each model.

With such a wide array of choices on the market from toddler bed tents to bed tents for full size beds, you can see why this review guide can help find the ideal child bed tent for your needs!

Summary of the Best Kids Bed Tent in 2023 Reviewed



What is a Bed Tent or Over the Bed Tent?

Best Kids Bed Tents 2020 Review

An actual bed tent fits securely onto an existing bed frame or mattress. The canopy of the shelter should allow for plenty of height to sit up comfortably while inside and should offer a door and windows.

A bed tent will not sit freely on top of a mattress, allowing it to slip off and fall to the floor.

Some dual-purpose tents for kids beds can come off the bed and sit on the floor for additional use as a playhouse.

Shopping for a kids bedroom tent may get confusing, since manufacturers also refer to it as a:

  • Privacy Pop bed tent
  • Kid sleeping tent
  • Over the bed tent
  • Canopy tent for beds
  • Indoor tent for bed

Knowing all the possible names for a kids bed tent will avoid confusion while comparing the features of different models. Privacy Pop is also a brand name as well as being a generic term for privacy bed tents that “pop” into shape without the need for additional support poles.

Best Beds Tents for Kids in 2023

Best Kids Tent with Bed Included: Delta Children Tent Bed

This toddler size bed tent is a favorite pick for more than just the inclusion of the bedframe made of heavy-duty plastic and steel. The guardrails on either side of the bed offer additional safety when your child sleeps, giving you peace-of-mind.

The toddler bed tent also wins for the fun canopy designs, which include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cars, or Mickey Mouse, making it perfect for both girls and boys age 15 months or older.

Bed tents for toddler beds are hard to find, so getting both a bed frame and canopy set mean you only have to provide the standard-size crib mattress, and you’re ready to transition from crib to bed. (There is a mattress upgrade option with this bed tent for toddler size bed frame set.)

The tent to go over toddler bed offers mesh windows for good airflow, and roll-up doors to easily tuck your child in at night. The foot of the canopy remains open so you can see your little one inside.


  • Includes steel bed frame
  • Tent canopy offers three fun designs
  • Guardrails keep toddlers safe
  • Meets all CPSC and ASTM safety standards
  • Mesh windows and open ends increase air circulation
  • Holds up to 50 pounds


  • The tent for toddler size bed basic set doesn’t come with mattress
  • Tent canopy and bed design color scheme is limited



Best Kids Bed tent for Privacy: CAMP 365 Child’s Indoor Privacy and Play Tent

We spotlight this children’s bed tent for the design that allows for complete privacy when your child wants to play, read, or sleep in peace. This feature is a life-saver for kids who share a room with siblings.

The overall galactic fabric on the canopy and outdoor tent appearance will increase your child’s imagination, making this a perfect bed tent for boys and girls equally.
The tent fits a twin-size mattress or can be removed and set directly on the floor.

The three doors zip up to enclose the bed, which helps during colder weather to keep drafts at bay and maintain more cozy heat inside for better sleep. The mesh insert on the top prevents the tent from feeling too stuffy. During warmer weather, unzip the sides partially for increased airflow.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Tent canopy fabric blocks cold air and bright light
  • Tent can work as a play house when not on the bed
  • Three full-zip doors allow for flexible position of bed
  • Mesh roof insert prevents too much heat or condensation from forming
  • Cool black and white star design is not too juvenile for older kids


  • Stitching quality is lacking, especially on the framing ties
  • There is no bottom to set the mattress on, only tabs to tuck in so it’s not as secure as other bed tents



Best Playhouse Kids Tent: HearthSong Galactic Space Bed Tent Playhouse

This childrens bedroom tent impresses us for the style and quality making this our top choice for a twin bed tent topper that doubles as a playhouse. Any austronaut-in-the-making will love the creative spaceship design that includes four round “porthole” windows with mesh inserts, and two large zippered doors.

Boys and girls tent beds don’t usually come with such a creative and inspiring design that includes a starburst interior LED light that highlights the silver stars scattered across the blue interior fabric.

Meant for ages five and above, this bed tent boy or girl fits a twin size mattress inside perfectly. You can also choose to remove the mattress and use the tent as a stand-alone playhouse.


  • Imagination-inducing design with quality construction
  • Interior LED light doubles as a night light
  • Two doors and four windows allow easy access for sheet changes and to see your child while asleep
  • Full floor under the mattress keeps the upper canopy more secure
  • Blocks drafts for a warmer and more cozy interior
  • Can also work alone as a freestanding playhouse


  • Tight openings make it difficult to insert the mattress
  • Difficult to put together alone
  • Tent poles are plastic and easy to bend or break



Best Canopy Mosquito Net Tent: Alvantor Mosquito Net Bed Canopy Tents

When biting mosquitoes and other insects are an annoying issue we choose this mosquito net bed tents spacious design and quality construction features as a reason for it’s top spot in this category.

Most bed tents for twin size bed frames have walls that lean in, reducing interior space. This twin bed tent topper has high arching sides that allow for lots of elbow room. The fully mesh side walls also increase the feeling of openness and increase air circulation, while keeping small children from falling out of bed.

The durable fiberglass rods hold the canopy upright, while the mattress sits on the fabric floor to prevent slipping. The interior hook for a light and the pink and blue color options increase the reason it’s one of the best bed tents for girls or boys.


  • High-density mesh keeps mosquitoes out and prevents sleeping kids from rolling off the bed
  • The solid fabric top softens harsh overhead lights
  • Lightweight, pop-up design installs quickly and stores in its own carry bag
  • Full floor under the mattress keeps the upper canopy more secure
  • Also fits on twin bunkbeds
  • Can work alone as a freestanding play area


  • It is wide open which reduces privacy and light blockage
  • Very tiny bugs can penetrate the holes in the mesh



Best Baby Pop Up Crib Tent: Pro Baby Safety Pop up Crib Tent

We rate this pack-n-play style bed tent for crib size mini-mattress a winner for the thoughtful BPA-Free and soft, hypoallergenic fabric that helps keep your child safe and secure.

The styling is neutral, which makes it ideal for both girl and boy bed tent options for use on a pop-up style crib. The smart auto-lock zipper feature keeps curious hands from opening the door.

This canopy is also one of the most fantastic sleeping tents for toddlers who love to crawl out of the crib. The netting fits snug around the bed and helps prevents escape, making this one of the best safety toddler tents for bedtime or naptime.


  • Easy to install base and top stays secure around the pack-n-play mattress
  • Soft and strong BPA-free, hypoallergenic mesh fabric cover
  • Unisex design and color can work in any nursery or toddler room
  • Patented design features self-locking zippers to prevent accidental falls
  • Tall enough for a small child to stand upright and large door allows easy access


  • Difficult to see the child at night through the mesh on a baby monitor
  • Stitching can eventually tear away at seams with lots of pushing



Best Double Bed Tent: DDASUMI Warm Tent for Double Bed

We rate this the best bed tent for double size bed for its unique features that other double bed tent topper products miss. The interior space is larger, by bringing the walls more vertical before curving toward the center.

This children bed tent has an open floor, which means it’s easy to slip over the edges of the mattress, but snug enough to keep it in place. The design allows the tent to quickly come off the bed and be used elsewhere in the house for playtime or naptime.

The quality of this double bed tent is top-notch, with fiberglass poles and sturdy waterproof polyester fabric that blocks drafts and retains heat. Kids will sleep well at night in this warm, cozy nest that offers air circulation through the two mesh roof vents.


  • Spacious interior allows for more movement while sleeping or playing
  • Durable polyester resists tears and fiberglass poles won’t distort
  • Ample door openings for air flow and easy entry, yet zip to contain warmth or for privacy
  • No floor makes it simple to install without lifting a mattress
  • Fabric contains no harmful chemicals that some kids are sensitive to


  • Energetic kids may tear the fabric or seams
  • Floorless canopy can lift off the bed without a tight fit


How to Choose Kids Bed Tent – Buying Guide

Choosing a kids bed tent is more straightforward when you understand what features to look for so it’s more comfortable and fun for your child.

Important Kids Bed Tent Features


For kids, a privacy tent for twin bed is the one to look for as this is a common mattress size that fits them through most of their childhood.

You don’t have to invest in a new mattress when buying a tent with bed inside. Using the one you already own saves money.

Twin and double bed tents for kids offer the broadest range of options and models. But, there are queen and king size bed tent models for teenage kids and crib or toddler size bed tents for younger children.

Best Kids Bed Tents 2020 Review


The shape of the canopy determines how roomy the interior of the bed tent will feel and how it fits inside the child’s room.

Canopies that arch inwards can feel cozy and give a child a sense of security that helps them sleep better at night. On the other hand, older kids may find it too cramped and bump into the sides.

For the most space, look for sidewalls that are either straight up or bend inwards at a higher point. This shape will allow a child to sit inside along the edges of the bed without hunching over.


A tent that doesn’t hold up to the rigors of rambunctious children will break, tear, or collapse in short order, wasting your money.

The fabric should be robust, yet lightweight, such as polyester, which is durable and easy to wipe down if the tent gets soiled.

Support poles that are fiberglass are difficult to bend or crack under stress, where poles made from plastic are more likely to kink and stay that way.

Look for tight, double stitching with extra reinforcement at stress points. Even the toughest material is useless if the seams pull apart or ties tear loose.


If privacy is the main reason behind your kids’ bed tent purchase, look for material that is not see-through.

Thicker and darker canopy fabric blocks more light, which is helpful when kids take naps during the day or have siblings sharing the room who stay up longer with the lights on.

Best Kids Bed Tents 2020 Review

Imagination Inspiration

While a simple kids’ bed tent still spurs a natural feeling of adventure, tailoring the colors and design to your child’s taste can increase their imagination.

The more the bed excites your child, whether its a favorite movie character, a color that calms them, or a super-cool shape, the happier your child will be to use it.

Temperature Control

If your home is drafty or has inadequate heating, look for a tent that offers a complete enclosure that traps heat and block drafts.

A “warm tent” can zip up fully and should only have a small mesh area on the roof that prevents condensation from forming and allows in fresh air.

Pest Control

Many bed tents have mesh inserts in windows or roofs, but it won’t stop mosquitoes or other insects from entering the space.

If you wish to keep your kid safe from pests while they sleep, look for a bed tent that can fully enclose with a tight-weave, tear-resistant mesh that will keep bugs out.

Ease of Use and Flexibility

Take a peek at the installation instructions. Are they complicated or unclear? Will you need assistance in putting it up and taking it down?

A complicated bed tent only leads to headaches for both you and your child, so choose a model carefully.

Also, can the tent come off the bed and stand upright on its own? If so, you can use it elsewhere in the home (or outside) for a kids’ playhouse or nap zone, which increases its value.


A good-quality kids’ bed tent averages between $80-$150, but many are less expensive. Higher price bed tents should last for years, reducing overall cost as you pass it on to another child.

Less expensive tents may be perfect if you only need it for a short time to help your child sleep well as they transition through a growth stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kids bed tents safe?

Reputable children bed tent manufacturers make sure their products meet safety standards for both flammability and general use.

A bed tent for children needs to withstand the rougher treatment they dish out. Poles shouldn’t break or poke through the fabric. Mesh and solid materials should hold the weight of a child pressing against it without tearing.

Avoid cheaply made “play tents” that offer little by way of safety features and stick to products tailored for use on a child’s bed.

How do you put a tent on a bed?

All bed tent canopies need to be open when you put it on the bed. To do so, either unhook the latches and let the framework pop open or insert the support poles in their proper locations.

If your bed tent has a floor, remove the mattress from the bed and set the tent on the box spring. Open the biggest tent door and slide the mattress inside on top of the floor, which will hold the canopy securely.

If your bed tent does not have the floor, stretch the elastic bands or skirting around the edges of the mattress. A loose fit can be problematic, so correct sizing with floorless bed tents is crucial to keep the canopy upright. If there are strings to secure the canopy to the bed frame, tie them on.

What age are dream tents for?

Dream Tents are for children age three and up.

What makes dream tents different is they pop open, slip under the mattress on each side, and only cover a few feet near the head of the bed.

The tent comes with a fabric curtain to enclose the space.

How to Clean a Kids Bed Tent or Privacy Pop

While some tent brands are machine washable, it may be challenging to fit them into the washer. The best way to clean a bed tent or Privacy Pop is by hand.

Remove the tent from the bed and pull out the poles. Place the material into a tub filled with warm water and mild laundry detergent and swish the fabric around.

Do not use bleach.

Rinse in clear water and allow the material to air dry completely before reassembly.

Are kids bed tents worth it?

A good-quality, roomy tent bed for kids is worth every penny.

Not only does your child have a cozy area for a private escape or fun playtime any hour of the day, but it opens up the world of imagination as they fall off to sleep dreaming of things like camping, or being inside a rocketship.

Many bed privacy tents also work to secure kids who are prone to falling out of bed while they sleep, which can help the adults sleep better at night themselves!

Another bonus is if you have children who don’t like to sleep in the dark, but lights may bother other kids in the room. Placing a safe battery-operated light inside bed privacy tents will illuminate the area without disturbing others.

Lastly, I need to state that buying any cheaply made kids’ bed tents and canopies is not worth it and a waste of money. Issues with construction can lead to them caving in or tearing apart quickly.

If you are going to purchase an indoor bed tent, it’s smart to pay a bit more for one that will last.

Closing thoughts

We find that parents appreciate all the benefits a kids’ bed tent offers. Everything from heightened imagination, better and safer sleep, more privacy, added warmth, pest protection, and fun play space from one single purchase is pretty astounding.

No matter which size or style of children’s bed tent you choose, you can feel confident you are making a smart parenting decision for you and your child!