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Easiest Tent to Set Up by Yourself in 2023: Which Tents Rank the Highest?

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Camping has always been one of the easiest and most popular ways to get in touch with one’s wild side. It’s a great way to detox from city life. For a camping trip to be perfect, you need the right gear—the kind of tools that can be easily set up without much of a hassle.

We’re talking, of course, about an easy to setup tent.

Camping can be fun and games until you start setting up your tent. In fact, when you have an extra set of hands, some tents can be put together much quicker. Which, while feasible, isn’t always an available option.

The positive thing is that there are several tents that are very easy to set up by yourself. Some tents are designed to be set up using only one set of hands.

There’s plenty to suit every man’s need. So, without further ado, here are the easiest tents to set up by yourself in 2023.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Tent

What Is a Quick Setup Tent?

Instant tents or Quick setup tents are simple-to-carry folding tents, which make it simple for the hunters, backpackers, and campers to enjoy the holidays in the wilderness.

Best instant tents only need one man to set up. They’re also pretty easy to take down.

Consider the Size

Buy a big tent if you’re camping in a car. Even bigger than you might need. You’ll enjoy the additional space to roll in, and dogs and kids have plenty of room.

Buy a tent that is one person larger than you need when you’re backpacking. You and your partner alone? Go for a tent for three men. Again, the weight penalty is not big, but you have more space to store supplies.

Consider the Weight of the Tent

You will buy a backpack-specific model if you huff your tent on your back, which would possibly be built of lightweight materials.

Occasionally people ask for tents with guylines instead of dedicated tent poles. They are great if you’re hiking because they are very lightweight, but freestanding tents are much easier and still quite packable for ordinary users. Weight isn’t a problem if you are camping in a car.

Research the Durability of the Tent

This is not so much an issue for camping cars. Most of the tents are pretty well designed today but see what users say online before you drop a few hundred dollars.

For instance, if you’re going for backpacking tents, you need to look for the stable kind because these sometimes won’t come with the appropriate guylines.

A guyline is a rope or string used to tie a tent or a plug to the wall. They provide a form to parts of the tent or tarp that can’t be rendered by the poles. Most backpacking tents aren’t stable and are lightweight. Guylines are there to ensure the tent doesn’t blow over by high winds.

The 10 Best and Easiest Tents to Set Up Yourself

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Best Instant Tent: TETON Sports Quick Tent

This small waterproof tent weighs 4.6 lbs. and measures 27″ x 7″ x 7″ in packaging and 80″ x 37″ x 34″ unpacked. Compact, sturdy, and easy to set up. What else to look for?

It has one door and no holding facilities for all visitors. It’s micromesh and features an all-in-one configuration with a basic rainfly. If you enjoy a stargazing experience every once in a while, you’ll love that mesh top!

The tent may be firmly tied or freestanding to most extra-large tents. It’s furnished with a screening area as well. Thanks to its locking hub, it’ll stand straight and tall until you decide to take it down!


  • Lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Made with high-quality construction


  • Can be carried by the wind on windy days
  • Can leak during rainy days

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Best Pop Up Camping Tent: Quechua 2 Seconds Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent

Thanks to the folding directions sewn directly onto the tent, the 2-second pop-up Quechua camping tent is easy to set up and down. Therefore, it shouldn’t concern you at all if you forget the setting-up instructions at home.

The tent is made of waterproof fabric that’s extra durable and has been tested in winds of up to 50 km/hr. The blackout cover inside the tent, which keeps the interior dark at midday, is another popular feature.

Durability and inside darkness come at the expense of ventilation, as the rainfly partially covers the windows.


  • Has a dark interior, even when faced with direct sunlight
  • Waterproof
  • Very durable against strong winds


  • Ventilation isn’t the strongest suit
  • Pretty pricey

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Best 2-Person Automatic Instant Tent: Abco Tech Portable Cabana Beach Tent

The Abco Tech Pop Up Tent is one of the simplest and easy-to-use tents on the market. It doesn’t require a complex configuration process and only comes into shape in a couple of seconds without much effort.

2 doors and 2 windows are strategically positioned around the tent to provide good ventilation.
Both door layers have a breathable internal zipper screen and an external shredded nylon layer.

In buggy campsites, the mesh windows and the doors are great to protect you from insects.
Although the tent appears to pop-up in a blink, it requires some ability to fold for storage.

There are instructions on how to fold it, but the first time can be kind of hard. Once you get the hang of it, however, it becomes easy. It fits into a carry bag for easy storage and transportation when folded apart.

Two adults or three children can comfortably stay in the Abco Tech tent. However, it isn’t large enough to hold a queen air mattress, so go for the sleeping bags option.

It weighs about 3.7 lbs. and its dimensions are 88.6” x 47.2”x 37.4”.


  • Good ventilation system
  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Can leak during heavy rain
  • The fabric of the tent is flimsy and not very durable

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Best Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent: Quechua XL Air III 2-seconds Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent

If you’re looking for a roomy waterproof pop up tent with a free-standing feature, look no more! This tent is one of Quechua ‘s top tents. It weighs 7 lbs and has an inside height of 30”, which is ideal for sleeping and sitting inside.

It comes with a coated 2000 mm fly-plate, polyethylene 120g / sqm base, which is breathable. It also has a fly-plate and fiberglass poles. The upper rear vent allows for proper air circulation. This translates into less condensation and enhanced ventilation.

It takes literally 20 seconds to assemble this tent and 2 minutes for the tent to be taken down. Moreover, it can sleep up to 3 people comfortably.


  • Has great ventilation
  • Pretty waterproof
  • High durability


  • Can be short for taller campers
  • Expensive

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Automatic Hydraulic Dome Tent: ZOMAKE Instant Tents for Camping – 2-4 Person Dome Tent

This tent is known as a 2-person tent, even though it can hold two children as well. Like the rest, it’s quickly installed on a central hub with poles on top of the tent.

It’s composed of a cloth made of oxford that’s resistant to wind, tear, stitching, and tamper. It includes a lantern hook and side storage pockets.

Two doors ensure good venting and include stakes and cords that provide additional wind stability. The rainfly can be used as a shade pergola on its own.


  • Made out of anti-bug mesh to protect you from mosquitos and similar insects
  • Comes with its own rainfly
  • Pretty large for its price


  • Can leak during heavy rain
  • When folded, its size is larger than average

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Easy Quick Tent: Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent

It takes less than a minute to set up this instant tent from Hewolf. It has an automatic hydraulic design, which resembles a parachute opening and closing.

The tent is comfortable for 2 adults with some additional storage space. In fact, Hewolf gives a lifetime warranty and a free pole replacement. It weighs around 10 lbs when fully packed. Even in rain, this instantaneous tent has an amazing waterproof capability.

Weight and bulkiness are a great sacrifice. However, the Hewolf 2-person Instant Tent is an excellent alternative for camping cars or seeking campsites a short walk away.


  • Can be set up under 1 minute
  • Doesn’t leak under heavy rain
  • Breathable


  • Pretty heavy for a 2-person tent
  • Isn’t suitable for hiking as it’s a bit bulky

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Best 4-Person Pop Up Tent: Coleman Fastpitch Pop Up Galiano Tent

If you’re looking for a 2-person tent or a 4-person one, a Coleman Fastpitch Pop Up Galiano Tent is available to meet your needs.

The 4-person tent weighs only 7 lbs! Even with soggy conditions, a heavy waterproof bottom keeps you dry, while the controlling rainfly gives you the ability to improve the airflow on wet, clear days.

Its reversed seams help to resist strong weather. The door is also made of a tamper-resistant material with a solid zipper, which provides further protection against precipitation for the door and door lining.


  • Versatile and comes in 2 sizes
  • Comes with an adjustable rainfly
  • Waterproof


  • Can be a bit small for tall people
  • Pretty large for backpacking

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Best Group and Family Instant Pop Up Tent: AYAMAYA Camping Tent – 3-4 Person Automatic Setup Pop up Tent

One of the lightest choices in this category is Ayamaya. Compared with the popular hydraulic hexagonal-shaped tents, this style is “classical.”

This folding/discharge is centered on its elastic structure, which when freed from its constraints, sits as a flat circle, packed so as to literally”pop” when open.

This kind of design is super fast, you don’t even need to move the tent, but it can be a bit of a pain when you fold it back, especially when you get used to the device. Be sure to understand it correctly so that the frame is not broken or constantly bent.

While it’s very large to accommodate a 4-person family, it’s still light enough not to be difficult for long walks.

With private windows and fan doors, this tent is well ventilated. The windows and doors are made of mesh material to protect you from bugs. The weight is approximately 8.5 lbs. Its dimensions are 114.2 x 78.7 x 51.2′′.


  • Backpacking friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for hiking


  • Some customers complained that it leaked under heavy rain

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Best Big Group and Family Instant Tent: Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

This spacious 14×10 ft tent accommodates 4 queen-size air beds and can easily fit eight people. The available splitter allows you some anonymity.

This tent and its Weathertech with thick waterproof walls and soldering floors provide you with good weatherproofing. It doesn’t come with a rain cover, unfortunately.

However, if you purchase a rain fly, you’ll get perfect protection. You can get some excessive humidity if it rains without the rainfly, though.

It’s super easy and quick to set up and take down. Although one person would’ve difficulty doing this by himself, it’s not impossible.

This tent has 2 doors and 7 windows and is well ventilated.


  • Tall with a high ceiling
  • Good wall and floor waterproofing
  • Space divider available
  • One-year warranty


  • No rainfly
  • Expensive
  • Needs 2 people to set up

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Best Instant Cabin Tent: CORE 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room


If you’re after a bit more spacious tent, don’t look beyond the instant tent CORE 10 Person. This is by far the biggest pop-up tent on our list, with a setup time of less than 2 minutes, and enough space for 10 adults!

What makes this tent special is its setup time, as it doesn’t exceed 5 minutes. Normally, tents this big take from 15-20 minutes to set up. We call this a success story!

Its fast setup time is due to its preassembled poles. You just open the tent, raise the legs, and spread them until you release them.

It also features a screen awning (with rainfly) and a room spacer to expand an already enticing tent for parties and families.


  • Loads of room for groups and families
  • Includes a room divider and screen room
  • High enough to stand inside


  • Very heavy
  • Expensive

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How to Choose the Easiest Tent to Set Up

These are some of the most common questions that you might ask yourself when buying a pop-up tent for the first time.

How to Choose an Instant Tent_Trekkerr Blog

How Long Does It Take You Set Up a Pop-Up Tent by Yourself?

Ideally, instant tents for 1 or 2 people (within one minute, down at the same time) are incredibly easy to set up, only taking from 2-3 minutes to set up.

However, the larger the shelter, the longer it’d be to set up. An exception, however, is the CORE Nine-Person tent, which can be set for such a large tent in just 60 seconds.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Tent

There are 3 factors one must always look for when buying a tent. Purpose, material, and price.


Is it a family tent? Is it a backpacking tent? Will you use it for a longer time? Or is it for a one-time camping trip?

You see, there are different kinds of tents for different purposes. Some tents are built to withstand rougher conditions. Some are built for families, while others for hikers.

Know the purpose of the tent before buying one, since this might help you save some money.


Fabric influences insulation, resistance to water, and breathability. Tent fabrics that are the most common are Nylon. Polyester, and Canvas.


Good quality tents are pricey but long-lasting. If you’re an experienced camper, you must consider investing in one. It’s likely to last much longer than an affordable tent and better protect against bad weather.

Take into account the conditions in which you’ll camp. Your tent is your savior and you won’t skimp on the price for more serious conditions.

Are Instant Tents Durable?

Are Instant tents less durable than normal ones? Not really, no. If you look at normal ones, you’ll realize they’re made of steel poles and are occasionally very large.

With instant tents, it’s all preassembled, and that’s different from traditional tents, where poles and cloth are bundled in various bags.

How to Clean an Instant Tent

To ensure high performance and long life, it is essential to keep your tent clean. Mold and mildew tend to develop, which in the long run could make the product useless. To clean the tent thoroughly, use a soft sponge with cold soapy water.

Do not use detergent because the material would be damaged.

Brush a tent to remove dirt, food, and debris before and after camping trips. Wipe the poles down with soapy water and clean the zippers of the gear with a damp washcloth.

How to Store an Instant Tent

The opposite process of setting-up is required for the storing of this type of tent. Remove the rainfly from the tent first. Fold into the frame and set down the legs of the tent.

Make sure the doors are open so that as you ply the tent so that the air will flow out. Place it in your storage bag when the tent is in its correct form.

Do not put a wet tent in a pack. Before you do this, the tent should be entirely dry or you can face a problem with mold.


We hope you’ve found the best instant tent or the best pop tents, in this article. All tents above are perfect if you’re alone, but our preference is the Coleman 8-person tent.

It is available in various sizes, has an assembly time of 60 seconds, and is pretty lightweight. So don’t be frightened about pitching a tent! Since all options are easy, to begin within this article.