10 Things to Bring on a Day Trip With Your Puppy

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If you didn’t know already, we’re brand new puppy parents to a sweet little girl named Bailey. We have quickly realized that owning cats and owning dogs are COMPLETELY different. Whenever we want to take Bailey on a little day trip, we have to bring a bunch of stuff. SO, we wanted to help you out with a packing list for a day trip with your puppy.

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1. A Comfortable Harness – If you’re going on a day trip, you’ll want to bring a comfortable harness for your puppy. This gives you a great spot to hook your leash onto AND it makes it easier to grab her if she tries to escape from the vehicle or something.

2. A Retractable Leash -We LOVE our retractable leash. It allows us to adjust how long the leash is without having to worry about holding all of the extra leash in our hand. We love that we can set it at different lengths, AND that it comes with a super cute little waste bag dispenser in the shape of a bone.

3. A Comfortable Bed -It’s hard to get comfortable in the car on the way to wherever you’re going. We usually set Bailey’s bed on one of our laps so she feels safe and secure while we travel, but we’re transitioning her into sitting in the backseat by herself.

4. A Doggy Seatbelt -We have these for our cats and they are AMAZING! They hook into the seatbelt and you can adjust it to give them as much or as little room to roam as you want. That allows our pup to be in the backseat and know she isn’t running around all over.

5. A collapsible bowl and bag– At first we were just going to grab a collapsible bowl, but then we found one that comes with a bag to carry the food, the bowl, treats, AND dispenses waste bags. It was everything we needed in one!

6. Puppy Treats -If your puppy is being especially good, you have to tell her/him! We always bring a few treats around for when she goes to the bathroom outside, when she lays down and takes a nap in the car, etc. Positive reinforcement is SO powerful! Our little girl loves these Puppy Training Treats and these peanut butter sticks.

7. Stain Remover – Let’s be honest, accidents happen. It’s better to be prepared than to be scrambling. We always bring some stain remover with us to clean up any messes that may happen during our road trips.

8. A toy – We love the Kong toys. We can put peanut butter, frozen food, treats, etc. in them. It helps keep our puppy busy while we’re on the go and gives her something to gnaw on.

9. Your puppy’s blanket– We have a specific blanket that is Bailey’s and only hers. She has to be on it when she’s on the couch, in the car etc. It’s a way of making it feel like her space AND helps us protect our furniture. It’s honestly a win win. It definitely helps her stay calm and relaxed in new situations.

10. A Phone or Camera! This is my favorite thing to bring. There are so many sweet memories that you want to be able to capture. I take almost all of my photos on my Google Pixel 2 XL and they turn out AMAZING! A lot of people think they’re from an actual camera, they’re that good! 

Those are our top 10 things we bring on a day trip with our puppy. What do you bring with you on your day trips or road trips with your puppy?

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