Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and with that special day can come a huge price tag. Are you racking your brain or the internet to find something romantic for that special someone without breaking the bank? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! There are plenty of other ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that don’t come… Continue reading Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Budgeting Saved My Sanity

I’ve never quite figured out why everyone hates to sit down and make a budget so much. I budget every month, and sometimes twice a month depending on pop up purchases/expenses/wishes. I can honestly tell you that budgeting saved my sanity. I’m going to ask you a simple question: Where does all of your money… Continue reading Budgeting Saved My Sanity

Make Money Without Trying

Everyone wants to have money but finding the time or motivation to make money is another story. My dad always told me to work smarter not harder 

My Top 7 Money Saving Apps

Who doesn’t love saving money? These apps will help you do just that. Check them out and let us know which money saving apps are your favorite to use!

Cheap Road Trip Across the USA

Do you want to explore the country but you’re on a budget? Guess what! You can do a cheap road trip across the USA without sacrificing the quality of it!