Camping Games For Adults Drinking

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There are plenty of games you can play at a campsite. The the only limit being the eagerness of everyone involved and the kit you’ve got available to you. However, what’s the difference between camping games for kids and camping games for adults? Drinking alcohol is the main difference of course. However, potentially the topics of conversation that come up will also dramatically differ in an adult version.

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Fun Drinking Games With Cards

Card games tend to go hand in hand with camping games for adults drinking around the campfire. Like most fun drinking games these games are simple enough to play (at least) initially. Inevitably though you‘ll get very drunk, very quickly. 

For most of these classic campfire drinking games, all you’ll need are a pack of playing cards and some basic camping trip supplies. Oh, and alcohol of course.

Ring Of Fire

This classic game is the king of card-based drinking games. As such, it can easily be one of the best drinking games around the fire whilst out camping with mates.

Different countries have their own slightly different variants of ring of fire or kings as some people call it. However, for the most part, the basic premise of ring of fire remains the same wherever you go.

This makes for one of the best campfire drinking games because it is already a popular drinking game that many people know. Additionally, due to only requiring a set of cards, a glass and everyone to have an alcoholic drink, this game is easy to play pretty much anywhere. 

If you’ve never played before, or just need a refresher, below is one variation of the rules:

  1. Place an empty cup or glass (ideally a pint glass) in the middle of the group. Then spread the cards in a circular position around it.
  2. Ensure each player knows what the different cards do and begin taking turns to draw. For each card, a different action must be done.
  3. If a player at any point breaks the circle they must drink.
  4. Once all kings have been drawn, the game is over.

To play this game, however, you’ll need to know what the different cards mean. Luckily, we’ve got you covered there as well. Below are the cards, their associated nicknames and what they mean: 

  • Ace – Waterfall: If you draw this card you start drinking, followed by the person on your right, then the person on their right, and so on until everyone is drinking. The person who drew the card decides when they stop drinking. However, everyone has to keep drinking until the person before them chooses to stop before they can.
  • Two – You: The person who draws this card can pick anyone else to drink.
  • Three – Me: The person that drew this card must drink.
  • Four – Wh*res: All women that are playing must drink.
  • Five – Thumb Master: Whoever draws this card must put their thumb on the table. Everyone else must copy them. Whoever does so last drinks.
  • Six – D*cks: All the men playing must drink.
  • Seven – Heaven: Whoever draws this card must raise their arm in the air. Everyone else must copy them. Whoever does so last drinks.
  • Eight – Mates: Choose another player, they must drink when you do. However, you don’t drink when they do unless they’ve already used this card on you.
  • Nine – Rhyme: The person who draws this card says a word. After which the person to your right in the circle must say a word that rhymes with it, followed by the person on their right. This continues until someone is unable to think of another rhyming word, at which point they must drink.
  • Ten – Categories: The person who draws this card must decide a category and say something related to that category. Then the person to their right must do the same, followed by the person on their right. This continues until someone is unable to think of something related to that category. At which point, that person must drink.
  • Jack – Make a Rule: Whoever draws this card must make a rule which lasts until the end of the game and that everyone else must obey. If anyone breaks the rule, they must drink.
  • Queen – Question Master: Nothing necessarily happens immediately with this one. Instead when the person who drew next asks a question, if they don’t receive an answer in the form of a question the person who answered must drink. However, if the answer they received is in the form of a question, then the person who originally drew the card must drink.
  • King – Pour: A player who draws this card must fill the glass in the centre a quarter of the way from their own drink. However, the person who draws the last king must down the pint after filling the pint to the top from their drink. 

Camping Games For Adults Drinking


Like ring of fire, this fun drinking game requires very little set-up to actually play. All you need aside from alcohol is a set of playing cards and a number of spoons equalling one less than the number of people playing the game. However, ring of fire is a slightly slower game and potentially a little complex when drunk. Spoons though is both very fast-paced and very simple to play.

  1. Before playing spoons, first, place the spoons in the centre of the play space and gather everyone around.
  2. Create a deck containing a number of four of a kinds equal to the number of players. Shuffle them and then deal four cards to each player.
  3. Every few seconds, each player must choose a card to pass to the player on their right. To avoid confusion it’s wise to have someone declare a pass for this to occur.
  4. Eventually, one player will get a four of a kind. At which point they must slam their cards on the table and take a spoon.
  5. Once this happens each other player must quickly grab a spoon. The person who isn’t able to grab a spoon is eliminated and must drink. If two players grab the same spoon, the person holding the bigger end wins.
  6. Repeat the game with one less spoon and minus the loser of the previous rounds eliminated. Each time a round finishes, everyone eliminated must drink. The final winner is the one who wins the last one vs one round for the final spoon.


In terms of complexity, electricity sits somewhere between spoons and ring of fire. However, this game is still very fun and is a personal favourite of mine. This is because it can very easily lull players into a false sense of security before suddenly making someone drink lots of alcohol very quickly.

Unlike the other two games, a set of playing cards is all you need aside from your alcohol of choice to play. This makes electricity one of the most convenient drinking games to play whilst camping. The rules of electricity are as follows:

  1. The players should sit in a circle with a shuffled deck of cards faced down in the centre of them.
  2. The player who goes first draws a card and must place it face up on the table. Then the next player (going clockwise) draws a card and places it faced up on the table, touching the previous one.
  3. The game continues in this fashion and soon enough a “current” will be formed. All this means is that a card will be drawn which matches the previous one in some way. These matches can include a matching suit (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds or Spades), a matching number (2-10) or a matching card type (Jack, Ace, Queen or King). 
  4. When this happens the players must drink a number of times equal to their part in the current. However when a player draws a card that does not match the previous in any way, the current will be broken. Additionally, those connected in the current, aren’t allowed to count their own drinks. Those not in the current will do so instead.

Classic Drinking Game Ideas W/ Solo Cups

Red solo cups are a common sight at many house parties, however, they can also be very convenient to bring along whilst camping. As such, they can double up as great props for drinking games when needed.

Flip Cup

Flip cup is best played in larger groups of ideally six people. It can be played with less but ultimately should be played with an even number of people. Unlike the prior games, flip cup is primarily played as a team game, with the most common form being essentially a relay race but with a twist.

  1. First split up the players into two evenly numbered teams and have them stand on opposite sides of a table, facing each other. In front of each player, there should be a solo cup filled with alcohol (typically beer). 
  2. Once set up the game can begin. The first player on each team must down their drink Then set their cup upside down and hanging slightly off the table. Following which they must then try to flick their cup back the right way up.
  3. If they don’t succeed they must keep trying until they do, at which point the next person on their team can try to accomplish the same.
  4. The winning team will be the ones who manage to down their drinks and flick their cups the right way up first.

Camping Games For Adults Drinking

Beer Pong

Beer pong is an iconic drinking game enjoyed at house parties around the world, especially at colleges and universities. Whilst there are a few variations to the rules this fun game is fundamentally very simple to play. 

Like most fun drinking games, beer pong can become one of the best camping drinking games you can play. This is because, in addition to the simple ruleset,  all you need is a picnic table, ping pong ball and a few plastic cups filled with beer.

Beer pong is easy to pick up but difficult to truly master. Below is a list of the essential rules to play the game. However, due to its popular nature, you may wish to come up with some house rules of your own.

  1. Divide the players into teams of two and set up two sets of your cups in pyramid formations at opposite ends of the table. Typically each team will have ten or fifteen cups that are half-filled with beer.
  2. To decide which team goes first either pick between yourselves, toss a coin or play rock, paper, scissors.
  3. Once the game starts a member of the team going first must then attempt to throw the ping pong ball into one of the cups belonging to the defending team.
  4. If successful, a member of the defending team must drink the contents of the cup the ball landed in before taking their turn.
  5. The game goes on with each team trying to score into the other teams’ cups before all of their own cups have been removed from play. Each round, the player throwing for each team will alternate between the two teammates.
  6. In the event of a tie, however, a tiebreaker game is played with each team having three cups apiece.

Other Fun Drinking Games

The previous options are great choices for drinking games to play whilst camping. However, if you don’t have the equipment necessary then below are some suggestions for fun drinking games while camping that don’t require any set-up. The best part is that all these games need is a group of people and some alcohol to properly enjoy them.

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is a classic drinking game. To play, simply get everyone in a circle and nominate someone to go first.

That person will then say “never have I ever” and then state something that they think other people in the group have done. Those who have done so must drink, however, if no one drinks then the speaker must take a drink instead.

Most Likely

Similarly to never have I ever, most likely will have a speaker pose a statement to the group. However, here the group must point at the individual they believe the statement is most likely to apply to.

The individual that has the most people pointing at them then has to drink, this can include the speaker, however. Optionally though, this game can be played slightly differently. In this alternate version, everyone pointed at drinks for a number of seconds equal to the number of fingers pointing at them.


Medusa is a very simple game, however, it will likely get all parties involved, rather drunk, very quickly. To play, simply get a bottle of liquor and enough shot glasses for each player.  

Each player must sit in a circle with their head faced down and simultaneously count down from three. Once everyone reaches one they must look up and stare at any player of their choice. If two players are staring at each other, they must take a shot.

Alphabet Game

This classic game can be easily spiced up with a bit of alcohol. To play, someone must first come up with a category such as films. They will then state a film beginning with the letter a such as Alien. Following which the next player must say the answer of the previous player and add one of their own, e.g Alien, Braveheart. The game continues until someone messes up the order or just simply can’t think of something for their letter. At which point, they must drink.

Would I Lie To You?

Based on the popular UK panel show of the same name, this drinking game is fantastic whether people are good or bad liars. To play, each player takes turns to tell a story about themselves that is either true or a lie. 

After they finish, the rest of the group can ask them three clarifying questions. Following this, each of the other players must decide if the story is true or a lie. Everyone who guesses correctly is safe but everyone who guesses wrong must drink. However, if everyone guesses correctly then, the storyteller must drink instead.

Truth or Dare

The oldest party game out there is truth or dare. Despite this fact, however, the game remains very popular amongst people of all ages. You’ll need an empty beer bottle of something along those lines, which you’ll probably have if playing a drinking game.

To play, get everyone in a circle and spin the bottle in the middle twice. Who the bottle lands on first becomes the person who gets to ask truth or dare. The one who it lands on second gets asked. Following which the second person will choose truth or dare and the first person will ask them a question or pose a dare depending on what they chose.

The second person must then answer the question truthfully or fulfil the dare. However, if they choose not to, they must drink instead. Following this, the person who was previously asked truth or dare spins the bottle. They then issue a truth or dare to the next person. If they chose to drink instead, however, the person posing the truth or dare is once again chosen at random.

Camping Games For Adults Drinking

Fun Drinking Games To Enjoy!

There are a myriad of games that can be played around the campfire that will elevate a simple camping experience into an unforgettable night of fun and silliness. Please remember though, that whilst these games are intended to get everyone at least a bit drunk, that you should at least try to drink responsibly. 


What’s A Good Drinking Game For Couples?

With a couple of minor tweaks, some drinking games intended for large groups can work well for couples, either with multiple couples playing together or one couple playing alone. For a single couple playing alone, games like truth or dare, the alphabet game or would I lie to you can work well.