The Best Winter Hat With Ear Flaps

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In the wintertime, the temperatures plummet. Wind howls. And yet you find yourself outside, either on the mountains or sweeping snow off your car. During those minutes or hours, you will find yourself wishing that you had a hat on your head that also covered your ears. Because cold ears are not fun. That is why you need to arm yourself with a winter hat with ear flaps.

Why You Need to Protect Your Ears

Why should you be so concerned about keeping your ears warm, anyway? You may have noticed that when you are out in the cold, it doesn’t take very long for your ears to start aching. That is because the ears are made primarily of cartilage and have minimal body fat. If you don’t protect your ears, the cold will start to negatively affect them.

Hearing loss is one result. Another is exotosis, or surfer’s ear, where the body grows more bone around the ear canal to protect you from the cold.

So, you need to keep your ears safe this winter.

Reviewed: The Best Winter Hat With Ear Flaps

Hats come in many shapes and sizes, but some are going to be warmer than others. That is why we are recommending winter hats with ear flaps to keep your head heated. We looked at the best materials for hats, the styles, price ranges, and more to figure out which ones are the best choices. Check out the hats below.

Best Traditional Trapper Hat for Men: Canada Goose Men’s Aviator Hat


Long ago, trapper hats were used mainly for hunting animals. These days, trapper hats come in a variety of styles and colors. The Canada Goose trapper hat is one of the best winter hats out there, because it has top notch insulation. Although the hat is rate for men, it does come in a unisex design, so even women can rock this hat. The design features a buckle closure, coyote fur lining the interior, and a waterproof outer to keep you dry throughout the day.

When the wind starts blowing at top speeds, you can use the adjustable chin strap to keep the hat anchored to your noggin. The construction enhances the durability. No stitch is out of place. So, while it is expensive, you know that this hat is going to be on your head for many years, if not decades. Who knows, you may even end up handing it down through the generations like an heirloom.


  • When wearing the ear flaps are down, the nape of the neck is protected from the wind
  • Waterproof and windproof materials keep you dry
  • Works in temperatures as low as -10 degrees F
  • Insulating coyote fur keeps the heat locked in
  • Stylish design, available in 4 colors
  • Durable


  • Very expensive price tag

Men’s Runner Up Winter Hat with Ear Flaps: Stormy Kromer Northwoods Trapper Hat


Stormy Kromer is a brand that has been in business for over a century now; the items have truly stepped up in terms of quality and design. These days, you can get a number of hats in a variety of colors, which means that you have a lot to choose from. Case in point: the Northwoods Trapper Hat. This hat features a 6-panel construction that uses a wool blend and faux fur lining and trim.

On the inside of the hat, you get the warm Lamilite quilt that locks in your body heat. Whether you are skiing down a mountain or just tackling the morning snow, you will remain toasty (and happy). The chin strap helps keep the hat on your head without squeezing the jaw.

The only reason we did not name the Stormy Kromer trapper hat number one for men is the cost. Yes, the Canada Goose hat is expensive, but the materials are all superior quality. This hat, with its more budget-friendly materials, has a surprisingly high price tag.


  • Comes with Lamilite insulation and a wool blend on the outer shell for high performance and heat retention
  • Soft faux fur trimming
  • Snap closures made of antiqued brass
  • Available in five colors
  • Chin strap and snug fit


  • A little pricey considering the materials

Best Winter Hat with Ear Flaps for Women: Ultrafino Ushanka Trooper Winter Trapper Hat


Anyone who loves animals will appreciate this cap. Although made with faux leather and fur, the materials feel astoundingly real. The Ultrafino Ushanka Russian trooper hat is soft and pliable to the touch, impressively warm when worn, and ultra-stylish. When looking at the hat, you will notice that it was made by hand and that the attention to detail is superb. Made by a family, every hat is carefully crafted, so you know it is going to be durable beyond measure.

The best part about this winter hat with ear flaps is the numerous ways you can wear it. The flaps can be pulled up if the ears get too hot. Inside, the lining is static resistant, so you never have to worry about your hair transforming into a cloud of frizz, either.


  • Made of faux leather and fur that feels real
  • Water repellent materials
  • Made by a small business in the USA
  • Can be worn a variety of ways
  • Available in three colors
  • Easy exchanges or returns for 60 days


  • Dry clean only

Women’s Runner Up: Dosoni Women Winter Hat with Ear Flap


Here is one hat that is going to get you dozens of compliments: the Dosoni Winter Hat. The cute snowflake pattern, oversized pom pom at the crown, and the fleece-covered ear flaps make this hat as adorable as it is warm. The hat may look slouchy in your hands, but once you put it on, it has a snug, comfortable fit that is neither too tight nor too loose. The poms at the end of either ear flap keep them from flying up in the wind. Those same poms can be tied to a bag when the hat is not in use.

The cap is for those discerning fashionistas that want to take a walk with the dog in style. Though the hat is made from acrylic and polyester, it is breathable. The only reason this hat is a runner up is that it is not going to protect you from extremely cold temperatures like the Ultrafino Ushanka trapper hat. If you plan on spending extended hours outside, this is not the cap to wear.


  • Cute snowflake design gets you in the mood for snow
  • Made with acrylic and polyester
  • Features at a slit at the back so you can gather the hat into a slouchy fit
  • Ear flaps extend long enough to cover the entire ear
  • Machine washable
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Not as warm or snug as other options

Best Head Band with Ear Flaps: OutdoorEssentials Fleece Ear Warmers Headband


Perhaps you do not like the idea of a trapper hat. In that case, check out the OutdoorEssentials Fleece Headband. It is kind of like wearing a beanie or a flapper hat without the actual “hat” part. The ear flaps to keep your head warm are there, but the headband does a better job than a typical one, because the fabric is wider than average.

The headband is tight enough to retain heat but also stretchy enough to fit any size of heads. For anyone who loves doing outdoor sports, like skiing, this headband is the right blend of functionality, ventilation, and warmth to keep you moving comfortably. The fleece is blended together with spandex, so the materials are also breathable.

It may not look the best, but this unisex headband is super soft and is going to keep your ears warm—no questions asked.


  • Made with a blend of polyester and spandex
  • Wide headband fits over ears completely and keeps them warm
  • Lighter than a hat
  • Ideal for outdoor activities, like cross country skiing
  • Fits heads of all sizes, including larger than average skulls


  • Not wind resistant

Best Beanie Style That Covers Ears: Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon Hat


This hat, known as the Dome Perignon, is perfect for tackling temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit and below. The beanie has additional fabric around the ears, so while it is not “flaps” per se, it does provide excellent ear coverage. The ear band is composed of fleece. Despite the slightly funky design with the point at the top, this hat is warm, functional, and affordable enough to make anyone smile. You will see this beanie used a lot on the slopes or during the wintertime.

The Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon hat also features the company’s proprietary Windbloc Technology. There is a great balance between wind blocking and breathability, so you can spend hours outdoors without getting chilled. Furthermore, the 100% polyester fleece has an additional stretch panel in the back to fit a range of head sizes. Anyone can wear this hat proudly.


  • Compatible with helmets and hoods
  • Full ear coverage and maximum heat retention
  • Wind and water resistance
  • Fun design
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Affordable price


  • Short length does not protect the neck

Buyer’s Guide: Features to Consider When Buying a Winter Hat with Ear Flaps

Don’t know which kind of winter hat with ear flaps is right for you? We are going to break down some of the features of ear flap winter hats right here, so you can keep such things in mind while shopping.

The Best Winter Hat With Ear Flaps_Camping High Life


The warmest materials depend on the person wearing the hat. Some people prefer 100 percent wool while others might like the feeling and heat retention of polyester. However, some materials are going to keep you warmer than others, such as wool, real and faux fur, fleece, shearling, Sherpa, and acrylic. Wool blends are another great option, because they are not as expensive as 100 percent wool but are still extremely warm.

Another thing: choose a waterproof outer material. Be sure to avoid materials that soak up moisture, like cotton. While cotton is ideal for summertime, it might draw in too much sweat and snow then chill your skin.

Style & Type

There are a broad range of winter hats out there, and you will find that there are variations of almost every popular style, too. For example, you might choose a traditional Russian trapper hat or find an Ushanka hat. The difference between the two is that the Ushanka has flaps with little ties on them, so you can tie the flaps back off the ears. You may find beanies with extended fabric that serve as an ear flap, fleece-lined baseball caps, bucket hats, and so on.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at style and type is the size of your head. Some hat styles may not have the same amount of elasticity as others. Make sure that the hat you purchase comes with a size range.


It might sound a bit backwards to have to worry about breathability when you are concerned about staying warm, but the two factors go hand-in-hand. See, you want a hat that is going to keep you both dry and warm. Otherwise, you might wind up sweating too much and getting chilled. Breathable materials include polyester and wool, as well as wool blends.


Are you ready to grab up a new hat for wintertime? Getting one with ear flaps is bound to keep you warmer than ever before. Luckily, there is more than one style of hat out there with ear flaps, so you can choose whatever fits your fashion sense. Whether you want something lightweight for outdoors or opt for a hat that covers your whole head, ears, and neck, you can find options in the list and beyond.