The Best Rechargeable LED Dog Collar For Hiking

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When the evening is setting in over the woods or around the campsite, you probably cannot wait to settle in for the evening with your faithful furry companion by your side. Nothing is worse, though, when your dog goes running off into the darkness and you cannot find them. Although your pup should come back with a few calls and whistles, the panic you felt during those minutes when you couldn’t see them will no doubt leave you stressed out for the rest of the evening.

That is why you should consider getting the best rechargeable LED dog collar for hiking for your next adventure. Never again will you have to struggle with finding your dog in the night or out in the snow, because the light up collar will tell you exactly where they are.

There are a lot of dog collars that glow in the dark available these days, but not all of them are made with quality materials. To help illuminate the best options, we have done the research to compile this list.

Best Rechargeable LED Dog Collar for Hiking and Night Walks Reviewed

Why Dogs Should Have LED Collars

You may be wondering why you should purchase a rechargeable LED dog collar for hiking. The truth is that light up collars are nifty for several reasons, including:

The Best Rechargeable LED Dog Collar For Hiking

Visibility on and off the trail

As night starts to fall on the hiking trail or in your yard, you may start to lose track of your pooch. Knowing where they are by the glowing ring around their neck can be useful, especially when they are running around off the leash. You can also use light up dog collars for camping trips or runs along the beach.

Others can see Fido too

Visibility is more than you finding your dog—it’s others being alerted to their furry presence, too. Motorists, hikers, and campers will be able to spot your dog faster and react accordingly.


Depending on the brightness of the LED dog collar, it can do double duty by illuminating the path through the woods or along the street. You won’t have to hold a flashlight, since the glow of the collar will be able to reveal downed branches or roots and other obstacles in your way.

Easier to clean up messes

Instead of trying to find poo by moonlight—which is near impossible—or juggling the poop bag and your smartphone, having an illuminated collar can shed a little light for you to pick up after your pooch faster.

Our Top Picks For The Best Rechargeable LED Dog Collar For Hiking

Wondering which collars are considered top of the line? Look no farther. We have done the research for you.

Best Overall LED Dog Collar: Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

If you are looking for the best all around LED dog collar, then look no farther than the Illumiseen collar. Although it is a bit more expensive than other collars mentioned below, it has features galore and looks good on, too. The best feature of the Illumiseen—the adjustable light modes—will give you an edge while hiking or letting your companion run around a yard. The collar is made of sturdy materials, so it will last. It is also available in 6 sizes, ranging from XXS to XL. So your chihuahua and mastiff can both romp around, worry-free.


  • Comes in 6 neon bright collars, like blue, green, and pink
  • USB rechargeable battery – 1 hour of charge equals 5 hours of light
  • 3 light modes: steady, slow flash, and rapid flash
  • Incredibly bright
  • Excellent customer service
  • Visible up to 520 yards


  • Not easily adjustable
  • Not waterproof – will break quickly in the rain




Best Value: BSEEN LED Dog Collar

One of the reasons the dog collar from BSEEN makes the cut (pun intended) is the unique sizing method. The collar comes as a single cord that you then clip with the scissors for a custom fit. Since it is slim, you can also pair the light up BSEEN dog collar with a regular reflective collar for even more visibility. The USB rechargeable battery lasts between 1.2 to 5 hours, depending on the light setting. A steady light drains the battery quickly, while intermittent flashing extends the battery life greatly.


  • Pros
  • One of the most affordable light up dog collars out there
  • Extremely light – only 1.6 ounces
  • Water resistant
  • One size fits all – you can cut the collar to fit sizes ranging from 11-27 inches
  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Adjustable light modes – steady, quick, and slow
  • Can be double wrapped on small and medium breeds


  • The only criticism people have is that the collar may come loose and fall off
  • Might not be ideal for dogs with a thick coat, since the collar itself is very thin



Best Waterproof LED Dog Collar: MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar

Not many LED dog collars can be considered totally waterproof, but MASBRILL has you covered. This is easily one of the top choices of rechargeable LED dog collars for hiking, especially if you plan on kayaking, swimming, or tackling trails in a rainstorm. The collar is also one of the few to feature flat optical fibers that are 50 percent more bright than bulbs, enhancing visibility throughout the day and night. Once fully charged, the collar also lasts between 10-15 hours. Though it has fewer color and size options than other collars on this list, it is perfect for dog breeds that love diving into pools and rivers.


  • Incredibly long battery life – 10-15 hours per charge
  • Three light modes that are easy to select
  • Waterproof and rust-proof
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Fully adjustable – comes with a quick release buckle


  • The only complaint is that the rechargeable battery is proprietary, meaning it does not fit generic USB cables



Best for Small Breed Dogs: Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar

The Blazin’ Safety collar is excellent for all sizes and breeds, but it is perfect for extra small and small dog breeds. The collar has one of the slimmest strip bulbs, so it does not add any bulk. You can also choose from a broad range of colors and select from three light modes: steady, strobe, and blink. Now you can see your fuzzy companion in the dark from 350 yards away without any issues. If the collar does not seem like enough, Blazin’ Safety also has LED dog leashes in the same color.


  • One of the longest lasting collars—8 hours of continuous illumination
  • Available in a wide range of colors, such as blue, black, green, and purple
  • Water resistant
  • Manufacturer has a 100% lifetime guarantee
  • 360 degree illumination
  • Easy to resize, making it perfect for a growing dog or multiple dogs


  • Not reflective
  • A little expensive (but well worth the investment)



Best for Medium and Large Breed Dogs: Fashion & cool LED Dog Collar

Although the Fashion&cool model mimics the BSEEN dog collar in structure, it does not look like a single tube of neon. Instead, the 12 LED bulbs are spaced apart. This collar, too, is made to be trimmed to fit. The starting length is 27.5 inches, giving it a half inch over the BSEEN model. But why is this model perfect for medium and large breeds? Because it is sturdy and provides up to 1640 feet of visibility. The collar is also water-resistant (not recommended for submersion). Constructed from durable and flexible silicone, it will last for years. It will light up the trail easily and keep your hiking companion within your sight.


  • Made of resilient silicone
  • Charges with a micro-USB cable
  • Rapid charge time – only 30 minutes for 1.2 hours of continuous light, 3-4 hours of quick flashing, and 5 hours of slow flashing
  • Water resistant – can handle light rain and snow


  • Main complaint is that the collar’s battery stops holding a charge rather quickly and will not last as long as stated
  • Can be hard to unclip and reconnect


Other Options For Dog Collars With Lights For Night

If you find that you do not want to use a glowing dog collar for the trails or want something more secure for a dog that pulls, other options that you can consider are glow in the dark harnesses and leashes, LED harnesses, and waterproof LED dog collar clips.

That said, an LED collar that is thin, like the BSEEN model or the Blazin’ Safety collar, can be paired with other thicker collars even worn with a harness. Since most options are affordable, you can try a couple of options to see which one works best for you!

Features to Consider Before Buying an LED Dog Collar

The Best Rechargeable LED Dog Collar For Hiking

While shopping for a light up dog collar or harness or leash, keep the following factors in mind:

Durability & Quality

The best LED dog collar or leash for your pup is going to be one that balances cost with efficiency. Do some research on the average cost of a quality collar then figure out which collar to choose from there. Those made with the highest quality materials are going to have a longer lifespan than just a few walks.

Also, consider the quality of the electrical components attached to the collar. Even if you choose a cheap LED dog collar, it will have an electrical failure long before you get your money’s worth.


Always test brightness to see if it is satisfactory. Some brands are brighter than others. Dull LED collars are not going to be very useful for spotting your dog in the night.


Most light up dog collars are going to be rechargeable. Some have a USB rechargeable battery while others will have a coin battery. The more environmentally friendly option is the rechargeable one, but the coin battery has a longer charge.


One thing that often confuses people looking for rechargeable LED dog collars is the difference between “weatherproof” and “waterproof.”

Waterproof means that the collar can be submerged completely underwater, deep snow, and drenching rain.

Weatherproof means that the collar can be temporarily exposed to moisture, like rain and snow, but will become damaged with prolonged exposure.

If you want a collar that is going to stand up to the elements and the possibility of your dog bounding through rain puddles or leaping into a lake, then you are going to want a waterproof lighted dog collar, not a weatherproof one.


Here is one thing that may come as a surprise to you: the color of the LED light can affect visibility. Green, white, and blue are generally the most visible collars and are seen across greater distances than warmer hues of orange, red, yellow, and pink.

Green can be seen from over 500 yards away, while red will lose visibility at around 300 yards.

Adjustability or Resizing

There are a couple of ways to size a collar. You may find ones that can be adjusted like a traditional dog collar—with a resizing buckle. Other LED dog calls will require you to cut a section of LED cord to suit your dog’s neck circumference. If you plan on using the same collar for several dogs, then you should seek out a collar that can be adjusted.

Style & Design

There are dozens of styles for light up dog collars and leashes. Some look more like neon tubing than LED, while others have strips of light studding the collar. Some have units that light up sections. You might even decide to get a light up dog leash instead of a collar if you find that none of the recommended styles work for you.

FAQs About Lighted Dog Collars

Here are some frequently asked questions about LED dog collars and leashes:

What color light is calming to dogs?

Dogs do not see the spectrum of light like humans do. They see a world of yellows, grays, and blues for the most part. If you are trying to reduce your dog’s anxiety or prevent over-stimulation while wearing the collar, you could try blues and greens. But, any color is going to be fine for your dog, since most will come off as white to them.

You could also choose a color to complement their fur. For example, a black dog will be more noticeable with blue light, while a white dog would look adorable in just about any color. In the end, though, the choice is yours!

How do I know what size collar to get my dog?

If you are searching for an LED dog collar, you are going to want to get the appropriate size, since you don’t want it falling off or being so loose it snags on something. There are a couple of ways to accurately size a collar. First, think about the dog breed. Some collars are designed for distinct breeds. Second, get a measure of the neck. To size correctly, take the circumference then add 1 inch for small dog breeds, 2 inches for medium-sized dogs, and 3 inches for large dogs.

Should dogs wear collars all the time?

The Best Rechargeable LED Dog Collar For Hiking

Since dogs generally do not have a problem with wearing a collar, you can let your dog wear a collar all the time. A collar is invaluable, because it can help people identify your dog if they run off. That said, you probably should take off the LED dog collar when not in use and leave their regular collar on alongside the light up one if it is thin enough. That way, if your dog happens to run off in the middle of the night, they still can be identified should someone find them.

Unfortunately, no LED collar is going to last forever; be sure to charge it regularly and note when the lights start to dim.

Are LED collars safe for dogs? Are LED lights bad for dogs?

Yes! A rechargeable LED dog collar is perfectly safe for dogs. In fact, it will become a priceless accessory for hiking during the evening and letting your dog out at night. The bright glow of the light up dog collar will help you and others spot your furry companion from afar.

The LED light won’t affect your dog either. It is like shining a flashlight down on them while you walk—except your hands are free!

Final Thoughts About Light Up Dog Collars

The best rechargeable LED dog collar for hiking is more than just a pretty accessory. It can help illuminate the pathway and keep you and your dog safe while you wander around at night. While a light up collar is never going to replace a headlamp, it does provide a little extra assurance that your furry companion won’t disappear in the dark. Now that you know what to look for in a collar, you should be able to pick the best rechargeable LED dog collar for Fido and get even more joy out of adventuring together!