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Best Hiking Sandals that Deserve a Place in Every Hiker’s List

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So you are all ready to hit the well-worn terrains? You have packed your backpack, collected your tent and all the hiking gear? Wait, have you packed a pair of hiking sandals with you?

Most newbies might be surprised to hear about sandals, but a pro knows how imperative keeping a pair of hiking sandals is. Sandals might not be the prior choice of footwear that comes to mind when you are thinking about hiking! However, sandals that are significantly manufactured for hiking have great benefits and can be the best thing you can take to the terrains.

Not only hiking sandals have great flexibility, but also they can keep your feet comfortable all day long and have fewer pressure points.

Wondering why we are not talking about hiking boots? Well, many of us think that only boots are meant for rough activities, but at some places these boots fail to deliver the expectations. In warm weather wearing a bulky leather boot is no option if your feet are sensitive.

Also there are fair chances that your boots get wet. These boots are not easily dryable, so you have to compromise with a wet pair as you are left with no other option.

Best Hiking Sandals Reviews 2020

We have selected some of the top hiking sandals that come in affordable range and have proved their worth in difficult terrains. Don’t search further just scroll below and get your pair of “best hiking sandals”.

1. Best Overall Hiking Sandals for Men: Keen Newport H2 Hiking Sandals


There are multiple factors that make “Keen” the biggest and most preferred choice when it comes to hiking sandals. And the reason why Keen is good, is their philosophy of using the most advanced and reliable materials for manufacturing sandals.

Moreover, you will easily find this pair in many hikers’ closet because of the high-security functionalities, and a comfortable foot-bed that is designed anatomically to append gentleness. These sandals are best for covering long distances and walking many hours a day.

The sole helps with sturdy grip in water and also renders string resistance to slippery surfaces. This in particular assists you to maintain your balance while crossing a stream of water in anti-current direction.

Talking about the features, this hiking sandal is resistant to water damages and is made up of washable material. The insole is easily removable if you want any orthotics requirements. The cushioned foot-bed easily adapts the shape of feet for utmost comfort and great hold. The sloe has razor-sipped rugged pattern that is ideal for required traction. Additionally, Newport H2 Hiking Sandals come with a lace fastening for enhanced convenience.


  • Excellent water traction with washable material
  • Designed to cater distinct feet shapes
  • Easily removable insole
  • Comfortable foot-bed


  • Low durability

2. Best Overall Hiking Sandals for Women: Teva Terra Fi4

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Teva has been manufacturing qualitative hiking sandals for both men and women since years. The newer version is known as Terra Fi4. This model comes with multiple features and classy comfort that Teva is renowned to deliver.

The midsoles in this pair are molded and a cushion foot-bed is added to it, which ensures maximum comfort all day long. Despite there are lesser grooves beneath the sole, still it can deliver the amount of hold you require to surpass any climatic condition.

Terra Fi4 features a spider original outsole which is manufactured with a compound of rubber for brilliant outdoor and indoor tasks without compromising with the grip. Also the outsole is designed in such a way that it allows water to channel out easily preventing any kind of any falls or slips.

Another factor why this hiking sandal made its way to this guide is the spongy foot-bed and the comfort. The padded straps have a mushy feel and they dry really fast as compared to other sandals. There is a neoprene guard for the protection of heels against rocky and hotspot trails. You can wear with socks on for more comfort and warmth.

The Velcro straps adjust too easily just with a single hand. There are total three straps and Teva has made sure that you can adjust all three in order to attain a comfortable fit.


  • Versatile and multi-sport sandals
  • Extremely stable in all kind of terrains
  • Available for both men and women
  • Upper built is made of polyester for no wears and tears


  • Comes with a basic look

3. Best Tractioned Hiking Sandals – For Women Only: Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal


This is another product in our list of best hiking sandal from Keen that has enjoyed a lot of reputation. The core factor why Keen Whisper Sandals are considered an optimum choice is because of the comfort and mobility. It comes with polyester webbing and hydrophobic lining that keeps your feet as dry as possible. The design of this sandal included various vents that offer excellent breathability and keeps odor away.

Keen whispers have a stitched upper that is combined with polyester and hydrophobic material. This combination really deserves applause as it makes the sandals light in weight, breathable, and washer-friendly. The manufacturer has given a Lace Capture System for easy and secured fit.

Another benefit the lace capture system delivers is the toe lockdown. The sandal didn’t lose its grip and performs the best when you are using them in water. There are no outsole markings, which makes it perfect for rugged terrains and urban surfaces too.

The sole is made up of single rubber but can hold a great grip. This pair of hiking sandal has extended lugs at the sides and forefront to guard the toe from any possible jerk.this hiking sandal is best for women.

This product is top of the line when it comes to comfort. The midsole is molded with compression EVA technology that makes Keen Whisper ultra flexible and ultra light. Synthetic mesh webbing is used to ensure quick dry and wetness resistance.


  • Best traction in slippers zones
  • Aggressive pattern of the lugs ensure high stability and traction
  • Designed with true size technology for premium fitting
  • Can be adjusted with a single pull


  • This product is not available for men

4. Best Lightweight and Easy Fit Hiking Sandals: Teva Men’s M Hurricane Xlt2 Sport Sandal


Teva Hurricane is a perfect pair for all types of outdoor tasks. This is the second generation of hurricane series, and has brought some added features from its predecessor. The upper webbing is made up of standard polyester that dries quickly and is easily adjustable. Teva Men’s M Hurricane Xlt2 renders a comfortable fit even if you are suffering from swollen feet.

The cushioned straps are manufactured with nylon and polyester, which feels soft to the skin and there no possible rashes. If you have a history of foot blistering then you can rely on this pair for added comfort.

You might have noticed that some hiking sandals have a short life span due to their poor built, but this is not the case with Hurricane Xlt2. It is produced with recycled PET which makes it a better option among others and also makes it eco-friendly.

A major factor why this sandal stands in this fleet is the outsole. Outsole is made with specialized materials that are resistant to abrasion and renders a long and durable life. If you have invested in this pair you can rest assure that you are not going to buy another hiking sandal pair sooner!

The price of this Hurricane Xlt2 is also reasonable; it looks good, adjusts according to your feet and is water completely washable.


  • EVA midsole
  • Outsole is resistant to abrasions
  • Heal-Strap has cushioning
  • Manufactured with recycled material


  • Walking may lead to noise generation
  • Unions are made up of plastic.

5. High Performance and Durable Hiking Sandals for Women: Teva Men’s M Hurricane Xlt2 Sport Sandal


This is the latest hiking sandal from Chaco that comes with a whole new outsole in our list of best hiking sandal 2020. Chaco has been a renowned name as their outsoles are built to last longer really longer. From the day it was announced to till date it has become the first choice of most buyers.

Chaco ZX3 has style, performance and great comfort that make it perfect for casual use also. The upper jacquard webbing is manufactured with polyester for rapid drying, and the straps are also just perfect for stable fit.

Chaco has introduced the Chacogrip which works best in wet conditions and leverages the traction of the wearer. There are 3 mm lugs coming out from the sole, these are the core foundations behind the wet and dry grip. This means that you can wear these sandals on the outskirts of a beach as these dry up very quickly.

The foot-bed utilized in this pair is specially designed to cater female feet, because female feet are softer as compared to men. The sole is made of PU and will perform much better than other soles that contains spongy foam.

The price of Chaco ZX3 hiking sandal is a bit expensive that other sandals, but these are still affordable. For a woman who doesn’t want to compromise with the looks this can be the best buy.


  • Lug Depth up to 3 mm
  • Outsole has no markings
  • Washable polyester material
  • Specialized cushioning for women


  • Might be tight around the toes
  • A bit on the stiffer side

Choosing The Best Hiking Sandals

The right hiking sandals will be the perfect accompaniment to carry along the hiking boots. These sandals might not be the best think to climb an alpine, but these are not lesser than that. A hiking tour comprises of a number of situations where you will feel wearing sandals instead of the boots.

There are a plethora of rock-strong reasons that can easily convince anyone why hiking sandals score above than boots.

  • Light-weight:

Hiking boots are one of the bulkiest accessories in the complete hiking gear. Some boots are so heavy that you can’t even perfectly walk. On the other hand, hiking sandals are manufactured with light weight and flexibly industrial materials that lets you roam freely while climbing up the sloppiest of hills.

  • Easily Dryable:

Ever tried to cross a river with your hiking boots? This can be the worst thing one can do on a hiking tour. These boots are manufactured to sustain dry climates and a specific amount of water. If you try to cross a river, you will end up with a wet pair that stinks a lot.

With best hiking sandals, you can cross any pothole especially rivers and muddy areas. There’s no chance of water clogging, because the sandals have empty space and water can move out quickly leaving your feet dry and odorless.

  • Few pressure points:

Pressure points mean the specific area where your feet are experiencing the maximum weight. Boots are designed in such a way that they have hard inner materials to fortify your feet and there’s limited space, so you can’t cover a long journey with your boots on. It becomes necessary to take a regular break for relieving your feet from the pain.

Good quality Hiking sandals have a different built. They have soft cushioning and more space for the feet to adjust. Also your skin gets proper breathing and adequate blood circulation, which makes hiking journey more pleasurable.

  • Hiking Sandals are affordable:

Are you a frequent traveler, who spends most of the time in hilly terrains? If not, then spending too much on a pair of boots is not a wise option. Hiking boots often come in an exorbitant price range that’s hard to afford. But there’s a solution!

Instead of an extra pair of boots go with hiking sandals for men and women, as these are much inexpensive and can fit your budget easily while delivering equal level of safety and comfort.


Best Uses of Hiking Sandals

Best Hiking Sandals are not just meant for hiking and climbing activities; there are a number of areas where you can wear them while enjoying the comfort and easiness. With a certain pair you can plunge in a river, roam in the wilderness and can paddle to a long distance.



Hiking sandals can be really great for camping. Most of the camping locations are rocky and have traces to horns that can harm your feet. You can drop the traditional slippers and can go with a best hiking sandal in 2020 instead. These are light in weight, are washable and easy to wear and remove.


Rafting and water sports:

Rafting and water sports cannot be done with your shoes on and the slippers will wash away with the water. So what is the best thing you can wear? It’s a pair of lightweight hiking sandals!

These sandals stick to your feet, so you plunge in water without any worries. The vents act as water channels and help in keeping your feet dry whenever you step out from the water.



Lightweight and open-toe sandals are always great when it comes to travelling. Sandals are very light, flexible, and do not underbrush. If you are a keen traveler then you should purchase best hiking sandals 2020.


Urban Wear:

Yes you can wear a pair of sandals as an urban wear too. Some sandals look really cool and are very comfortable that they go with your casual outfit. These are best for exploring paved streets, secret stairs and in-city peaks.


A Comprehensive Buying Guide to the Best Hiking Sandals 2020

Best Hiking Sandals 2020 Reviews_Trekkerr

You need to keep certain things in mind before investing your money in a pair of hiking sandals. It’s important to settle down with a pair that promises to take up with the tasks, while keeping your feet safe and secure.

The reason why you should go with the best sandals is due to the best-in-class convenience in many situations. Here are some things to notice, before checking out with a pair.


Manufacturing Material

As aforementioned, everything depends on the material of the hiking sandals. Before choosing a quality type you have to look for the purpose and conditions you are buying them for. The best pair of sandals should be manufactured with washable and waterproof material in order to cope up with the splashes of water.

Search for the pair which claims to be “Washable” or “Quick Dry” on their description labels. Also make sure that the material described is meant to last longer, so that you can use them on various hiking occasions.



Comfort is one of the most indispensable factors while choosing a pair. The wear-ability totally depends on the comfort. If the sandals are not comfortable, you can’t even cover a mile wearing them.

For checking whether the pair is comfortable or not, consider having a few steps of a short lap of run. They should be gentle enough to not chafe your feet also they should not be too stiff.  Go for a pair that is bendable, soft and maintains a grip on the rough terrains at the same time.



Obviously the fit and size are the top priorities you have to look, but there’s a twist! Figuring out the right kind of fit can be real trickiest. You can’t rely on the same size of your regular shoes. Some hiking sandals are manufactured with narrow front while other sandals have a wider front.  You need to try a pair several times in order to ensure that yes it’s made for you!

The size and fit are two different things, the size describes the overall measurements of your feet, and on the other hand fit describes the comfort and design of sandals. But the main thing is both size and fit needs to be proper.

Make sure to settle with the ones that are basic and have Velcro closures for easy tie-ups. If you have distinct feet shape and cannot wear a regular pair, then don’t worry! Most companies produce specialized pairs for people with distinct feet.



Hiking sandals are not designed for long coverage. These sandals are built to help people sustain creepy crawlies and small obstacles on their hiking routes. Try to opt for the pair that has lesser coverage on the rear and more coverage on the front. Subtle coverage sandals ensure gentleness to the feet while fortifying them.



Sole and the lower material is the backbone of any pair of shoes and the same thing implies to sandals too. The sole of a hiking sandal should be tough, adaptive and flexible. Thankfully, there are a number of options available in the market that satisfies this particular criterion.

Most manufacturers are coming up with advanced technologies and newer soles that are more durable and can surpass all climatic conditions. Before buying, have a look at the lower part of the sandal. It should have grooves which assure high traction and less slippage on wet hills.



Advancement in technologies and numerous features are adding a charm to the hiking sandals. But at the same time more features means you have to pay more. There are a number of price ranges when it comes to sandals, so getting one according to your budget is not tough.

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The Final Verdict

Hiking sandals were invented as a solution to gain required traction in water sports.  But with time, people realized that they perform really well in rugged terrains too. The manufacturers of these sandals modified their products, brought variations and advancements in the soles and the results are in front of us.

Best Hiking Sandals are becoming the first choice of every hiker. These are easy to carry, easy to pack and are really flexible. The products described above have proven benefits and are much better than other sandals available in the market.

With all the information mentioned above, you will easily get a pair that is totally worth every single penny. If you are about to visit a dry area then wearing socks with sandals can be great, but in wet locations one should avoid wearing socks to keep the problem of stinky feet away.

Lastly, before purchasing pair of sandals make sure to wear it multiple times to check the fitting. If possible go for a small run and look if the straps are soft and the sole has cushion. Also try to walk on slippery surface to make an optimum choice.

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