Best Hiking Pants 2023 : Reviews and Buying Guide

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Top Ten Cheapest Hiking Pants of 2023

We wear clothes according to the place we will be going to. They are meant to give us comfort to complete our everyday tasks. Also, they make us look appropriate for the place. Hiking is one such task too. Along with your hiking boots and backpacks, you will definitely need a good pair of hiking pants. They can give you ease while moving and protect you from extreme weather conditions. Both men and women get one whenever they want to go on hiking. Just like how it sounds, hiking pants provide you with personal comfort in any terrain.

Hiking pants are being sold in different models, designs, colors, and varieties. If you are going on a hike to snowy places, there are pants for that too. Hiking pants are designed for enjoying extreme camping or trekking experiences. They also have enough provisions to carry your things like a pocket knife, tissues etc. The sturdy and durable material can save you from tough terrains and winds. Thus it becomes important for you to wear or carry hiking pants for outdoor adventures.

Best Hiking Pant Reviews 2023

There are different types of hiking pants available for various purposes. You may need pants that are waterproof and dustproof for hilly areas. Sometimes you need protection for your knees too. This can prevent you from wounds if you are going to climb. Hiking pants for skiing and snow adventures are sold too. So these pants vary with their purpose and material. The next thing is how easy they are to pack if you are taking them with your luggage. The durability and sustainability are vital features too. Separate hiking pants for men and women are created to give increased comfort.

For summers they are woven with lighter fabrics. There are plenty of features like these in hiking pants. So this article will take you through all of them and give you a better idea in choosing the best hiking pants.

Here are the best hiking pants of the year that you may consider buying.

#1. Best Waterproof Hiking Pants: Jack Wolfskin Women’s Zenon Softshell Windproof Softshell Hiking Pants

Jack Wolfskin has created this versatile hiking pant that is for a winter hike. It is made up of 94% polyester and a 6% elastane. This design is opted for women and gives you ultimate comfort in extremely cold conditions. The overall look is stylish and is suitable for both tall and short women.

The black hiking pant has good durability and uses high-quality stretchy Softshell fabric. It has a zipper along with a button that makes the outfit complete and versatile. Additionally, it has got wind and water resistant properties that protect you from unpredicted weather.

The pants can be stretched both ways due to their elastane capacity. On the reverse side of the pant, it has a microfleece material that feels soft. This fleece material gives you thermal insulation and keeps you warm in the cold temperatures. The pant also has a flex shield on the outside that keeps you safe from rains and winds.

In the bottom of the pant, there are short zippers so that you can tuck in your boots easily and quickly. This also prevents time when you want to remove these winter boots. It is not only the best for women, but these hiking pants are also good for men too. It weighs about 16 ounces which makes it portable too.



  • The flex shield makes it ideal for winter hiking and is also breathable at the same time. This does not cause any discomfort.


  • Different color options are not available.


The durable hiking pant from Jack Wolfman is highly recommended for frequent campers in cold areas. It is good for high altitude mountain climbers too. It can last for many years and is worth the cost.

#2. Best Women’s Hiking Pants: Singbring Women’s Outdoor Fleece Lined Windproof Hiking Pants Waterproof Ski Pants

This is a good choice for first-time winter campers. This is environmentally designed to fit women. They are available in several colors and the pockets have a contrasting outline. There is a zip fly and a button closure for customized fit. You can also stretch the waist part to make it comfortable.

The material is made of polyester and is woven with exquisite workmanship. The fabric is constructed in such a way that it does not wear out. Also, the fleet lining given on the inner side traps the heat and keeps you warm. This is the right choice for skiing, cycling, hiking and mountain climbing.

If you live in extreme cold climatic conditions, you can use these pants to just keep you warm. You will not need an extra pair of leggings when you use this pant. Everyone loves to ski in the snow and this pant is just perfect for that. These are waterproof and can keep you safe in the snow.

These are not too tight that can make you uncomfortable. You can select the right size with the size chart available.



  • These Kaisaike hiking pants are great for even extreme cold climates. The waterproof and windproof features are very beneficial.


  • The material is 100% polyester, it is not mixed with any other material. This is not good for long term usage.


If you are looking for a casual pant that also keeps you warm, you can go for it. This is a good choice for women who love a comfortable feel on cold days.

#3. Best Convertible Hiking Pants: Toomett Convertible and Lightweight, Quick Dry Pants

Toomett pants have all the features that you will expect in hiking pants. These are quick dry convertible pants designed especially for men. They are available in four interesting outdoor colors too.
The material used to make this hiking pant is 100% polyester. The pant additionally uses advanced technology that is capable of protecting you from sun, moisture, and dust at the same time. It uses an Omni shade UPF 50 fabric and Omni Wick technology to achieve those features.


The design of the pant is done with a classic touch to give men extreme comfort. They also have a partial elastic band around the waist for a good grip. There is a high-quality zip off attached too. There are two pockets on the front and two on the back. There are two more pockets on the thighs that can be used for various purposes.

You can easily convert these hiking pants to a pair of shorts in no time. This can be used when you go out fishing or even to the beaches. The pants can be used during a trek or a hiking trip. They are lightweight and get dried easily. Overall this pant is the most versatile and durable choice for men.


  • The Omni wick technology and Omni shade UPF 50 makes these pants the best choice for both dry and humid places. You can carry them anywhere as they are very lightweight.


  • The front zipper given in the hiking pant is small. The side pockets are also small. This reduces the efficiency of the pant.


Great choice for men looking for a hiking pant that is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities in any season. With all the extra pockets this completes the look for hiking.

#4. Best Hiking Convertible and Zip Off Pants: TOURME Lightweight Hiking Pants

These hiking pants are suitable for men who like convertible pants. These can be utilized for fishing, hiking, and trekking even in hot and dry temperatures. The sun protection given by the pant makes it the perfect choice for sweat work and other days spent in warm weather.

This is designed with specifications that are suitable for traveling, mountain deserts, outdoor sports, riding, rainforest survival course, and climbing. It uses an exclusive technology for giving flexible movement and resistance against water.

It resists you from sweat and keeps you cool throughout your hiking day. The pants can dry within a very little time that gives it portability and easy usage. There is also a nylon belt attached to it which can be removed when you please.

The comfy elastic around the waist gives you grip and confidence when you are out. There are plenty of cargo side pockets for carrying your essential things on a hiking trip. The 3D design near the knees is much needed for support and firmness.



  • This hiking pant can protect you from dew, drizzle and moderate rain. You can wash them with hands and they get dried in just a few minutes.


  • The normal size bought regularly may not work for these pants. One size up than the normal will work. Also, this will not work out if you are hiking in a place that has very heavy rain.

TOURME hiking pants are designed for comfort and protection against the UV rays. These convertible pants will be loved by men who are looking for outdoor work pants.

#5. Best Stretch and Lightweight Convertible Hiking Pants: Toomett Women’s Quick Dry Capri Pants

You can choose from a wide range of colors from Toomett hiking pants. There are 9 different colors with unique patterns on it. It is fully made of polyester which can be quick dry, water repellent and also breathable. It is best suited for recreational and outdoor purposes.

There is a zipper closure, button, and belt for giving a good look. There is a special zipper on the pants that help you convert the pant into shorts. This is a straight leg convertible pant which gives an elegant look for your camping trips. Also, there is a side elastic on the waist to give you a better grip.

It has got a UPF 40+ Sun protection that makes the pant good for summer outdoor trips. They are also stained repellent keeping clean and neat all day. There is an Omni shield that keeps you away from water and dirt throughout the day. The size of the inseam shorts is 13.5 -14.5 inches and this length is great for unrestricted mobility.

The product is extremely versatile and can fit you perfectly. The fabric neither sticks to you nor becomes very loose. All features add up to give you complete protection against sunlight, water, dirt, and soil. This is because of the Teflon treatment used in the pant. The front crotch is fully gusseted and the button gives full support and durability.



  • The pant looks funky and is ideal for outdoors. The extra pockets and material make sure to give you ultimate comfort. The sun protection given makes the pant perfect for summers.


  • The material used is 100% polyester. There is no mixing of materials available.


These Toomett hiking pants are perfect if you like to try a convertible pant. These are perfect for travel, camps, hiking, and other outdoor activities. You can quickly change them into inseam shorts if you want.

#6. Best Weather-proof Hiking Pants: Camii Mia Women’s Sportswear Outdoor Hiking Fleece Pants

These hiking pants from Camii look regular but are wonderful for outdoors too. These can fit you perfectly as there is no stretch. The 97% polyester fabric with 3% spandex material gives the pant an attractive look.

Also, it has got a fleece layer on the inside of the pants making is perfect for winter skiing. The material is resistant against water and snow too. The surface of the pant is completely weatherproof. You can either do machine wash or hand wash to clean the pants.

It is versatile and can be used for all kinds of outdoor winter sports. You can wear this for a morning jog on cold days too. This product is made in China and promises good durability for a long time. The pockets also have well-sealed zippers to keep your things safe.

There are totally six pockets in the pant. There are two slant pockets on the front, two back, and two knee pockets. These are available in four different colors that are opted for outdoors. The fitting becomes perfect when you choose the correct size for you. The crotch and front plastic button make the pant easy for using. This looks fashionable and neat at the same time.



  • The number of extra pockets makes the pants ideal for hiking, climbing, skiing, traveling, cycling, hunting, and fishing. These fleece pants are perfectly designed to suit women.


  • This pant is not waterproof but is water resistant to a certain level. They can protect you from rain showers but will let some water inside the pant. This can cause discomfort.

You can go for this pant if you love the regular fit and flattering style. The hiking pants are good for outdoors as they have multiple pockets. The soft inner material can keep you comfortable anytime.

#7. Best Men’s Hiking Pants: TBMPOY Quick-Dry Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants with Belt

These hiking pants by TBMPOY are made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. It is also suitable for kids as the sizes are available from XS to XXL. Also, these pants are available in three different types which are Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. The first two types are good for cold places and winters. These have extra fleece material. The last type has no fleece and is good for a bright, sunny day.

The surface layer of the pant is made of premium quality soft shell material. The inner part of the pant is made of comfortable and stretchy material. Also, it is waterproof, windproof and lightweight. The entire pant is durable and lasts for a long time. Also, the surface is breathable so that you don’t undergo any kind of discomfort.

A belt is included with the pant along with that you get a stretchy waist too. You can adjust the pant according to your convenience. It comes with a regular zipper and button closure.

The design of this hiking pant is simple and practical. Which means you get benefits like quick dry capacity, fleece types for choosing and lightweight. You get several additional pockets and many small pockets too. These are all zipper pockets to keep you get going with your trip effortlessly.



  • The hiking pants by TBMPOY are windproof because of the thick fleece lining available. The 3D design from mid thighs to the ankle gives you complete support even in snowy places.


  • The snap button on the waist is not made of good quality. Also, the material is not waterproof. Not very suitable for hiking in damp areas.


Ideal for men who want a pant for snowboarding as these are windproof. The soft shell surface layer makes the pant good for daily wear, skiing, and hiking. A good choice for hunting and family fishing trips.

#8. Best Slim Fit Hiking Pants for Women: KAILAS Women’s Hiking Pants

This is one of the most versatile pants a woman can ever look for. These are available in three bright and interesting colors. You can even get these pants for your kid as several size variants from XS to XXXL are available. The size chart is given to help you with it.

This is the best choice of hiking pants if you are looking for a regular pant. It is not designed for winters but it is fully water resistant. You can choose to wear this for fishing, trekking, hiking, traveling, climbing, mountaineering and totally for all outdoor activities.

This pant is waterproof, lightweight and very comfortable. These pants are designed to dry up quickly. The very important feature of this pant is that it is scratch resistant. So you need not to worry about making scratches on your pant as you climb. These are tactical pants that look like military design. This gives you a good feeling when you are hiking.

The material is breathable and keeps you safe and comfortable all day. Although they are not fleece lined, they do keep you warm in the cold. The design looks unique and can fit you well. There is a zipper and button for easy wearing. Also, the pockets have zippers to keep your things safe.



  • These hiking pants are easy to wear and dry. They are also wind and stain resistant to an extent.


  • The back side elastic can be a little tight for some sizes. The fitting is not perfect in all size variants. Some are either too tight or too loose.


If you love pants in bright colors, then you can select these. Also, you can order pants for your kid that matches with you. The material is made of good quality and ensures to make you comfortable.

#9. Best Stretchable Hiking Pants for Men: ZOOMHILL Mens Pro Hiking Stretch Pants

The imported Zoomhill hiking pants are more like cargo pants. These have got two pockets on the thigh to your things safe and away from water. The Scandinavian design features a stretchable panel on the hips and knees for ease of movement when you are hiking.

There are three interesting color variants available with black stretchable panels. This enhances the entire look and keeps you ready for hiking. There is a ventilation zipper on the legs which you can open to let air in through your legs. This will be useful in dry and sunny days.

The design will be liked by all men. It has got stretchable panels all over the pant for ease of movement. The material of the pant is made of an excellent quality TC fabric that is highly durable.
It has also got a waterproof feature that is the best for outdoor trips. Along with this pant, you get a waistband and bottoms for buying from Zoomhill. This makes your look complete for a perfect hiking trip outdoors.



  • This is a high-quality outdoor hiking pant that can be bought at an affordable price. It’s Scandinavian design make it unique and interesting for men who love outdoor adventures. The YKK zipper ventilation is very useful for summers.


  • There are pockets on the hip which can be uncomfortable for most men. This is an unconventional design where only thigh pockets are available.


The funky styled outdoor pants from Zoomhill is perfect for both climates. They are stretchable and it has ventilation zippers can keep you comfortable all day.

#10. Best Quick Dry Mountain Hiking Pants: YSENTO Men’s Outdoor Hiking Fishing Fleece Pants with Belt

These hiking pants by Ysento are suitable for winters and cool places. These have got a fleece lining on the inside that keeps your body warm and cozy. Those are available in six different colors and is designed to give firmness for your legs during treks.

It is windproof and has got waterproof pockets that can hold all your valuables safe and secure in the entire journey. The pant has got a 3D cutting design near the knees. You can wash the pants in machine too, so it is easy to maintain. There is full fleece material on the inside that can sustain the temperature.

It is made up of a mix of materials including 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This makes the pant durable and stretchable also. The fitting of the pant is perfect as you can choose it from the size chart.

This can also be used as a daily wear pant during winters. The simple functionality of this hiking pant becomes a major advantage.



  • The zippers are made of poor quality. These pants are not very preferable for regular or frequent usage. They are also not waterproof and allow rainwater to get inside the pant.


  • Best product for daily use and outdoor usage. If you like comfortable to wear in winters you can buy these pants.


Best product for daily use and outdoor usage. If you like comfortable to wear in winters you can buy these pants.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Pants? Things to Consider

Hiking pants are one of the most important hiking gear that you will need. The fabrics and comfort are the recommended features to look for. Apart from which there are other aspects for buying too. Here are some of them:

The number of pockets:

When you are on a trek or going for hiking, the pockets become essential and handy. You can carry some candies, knives, maps and even some medicines for emergencies. You can reach out to pant pockets easily than searching for necessary things in your backpack. So look for a hiking pant that has several pockets.

Convertible Pants:

Some hiking pants are designed to get easily convertible to shorts. This makes the pant more versatile. These can be used throughout the year and not just for hiking. In summers, you can convert them into shorts and otherwise use them as pants.


The material or fabric of the pants should be the most suitable for the terrain. They must also be durable and ventilated at the same time.

Other features:

Some hiking pants need belts or waistbands. You can choose them if you feel they are comfortable. Also look for zippers, water, and wind resistance. Breathability of the pant is another important feature. The quick dry feature is something that you need to look for. This makes the pant preferable for packing.


What’s the need for best-hiking pants

Hiking pants become essential for campers and adventure enthusiasts. These are good in keeping you warm with tough fabrics in winters. The lighter ones with zippers are good for hiking in summers. They are wonderful for tailgating, hiking, camping, fishing, gardening and for all outdoor activities. It allows the campers to walk with confidence and easy. They have multiple uses and it is not necessary to use them only for outdoors. They can also be the best outfit for backyard picnics, beaches or an evening walk with your pet.


Who should use hiking pants

If you are first time camper or planning to go on an adventurous trip, then hiking pants will be the best choice for you. They can give you a good experience every time you go out for hiking. In summers, you can get lightweight pants, this keeps you ventilated throughout and help you enjoy more. For snowy places and cold temperatures, you can get one that is water resistant. So hiking pants can give you absolute ease in any condition.



It is now evident that hiking pants are of great use for all outdoor adventures. To buy an ideal hiking pant you must be aware of certain things. You can make a list of things that you will look for in hiking pants. Here is a list of suggestions that you can look out for.

First thing is the material of the hiking pant. Today they are made of fabrics like nylon and polyester. Along with this spandex is used to give elasticity and stretch. These are highly durable and are the best for hiking. The other material used nowadays is tacktel which is a man-made material. It is the most suitable material available. Always look for pants that have a mixture of many materials as it gets more strength. Choose cotton for summers.

Select a hiking pant that goes well with your purpose. They are sold right from 20 USD up to 80 USD or sometimes even more. You can search about the climate or look into the pictures for knowing about its terrain. This will give you a better idea about choosing a hiking pant. Most hiking pants come with plenty of pockets these days. So all you need to analyze is your budget, color, size and the material of the pant. Enjoy an amazing hiking experience by selecting quality hike gears.


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