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Best eVent Rain Jacket

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If you spend time outdoors, you know getting caught in the rain without protection can be awful!

Now that I always carry an eVent waterproof jacket in my bag, I never have to worry my hike, outdoor concert, fishing trip, or other adventures will be ruined by unexpected weather.

You too can prep for rain by checking out the best eVent Rain Jackets inside this guide. The quality, functionality, and features of these jackets are superior to other rain gear fabrics, especially when worn during warm weather.

See for yourself why outdoor enthusiasts consider an eVent waterproof jacket a “must-have” item!

Best eVent Rain Jackets for Men and Women Reviewed


What is an eVent Rain Jacket?

eVent is a type of fabric manufacturers use in outdoor clothing and bags as it is waterproof and windproof. The base if eVent fabric is ePTFE, a microporous material with high strenth-to-weight ratio, high thermal resistance, and impressive Direct Venting Technology that pulls sweat or moisture to the outside of the fabric instead of absorbing it.

Around since 1999, eVent is now a top contender with Gore-Tex fabric in use for outerwear as it performs very similarly. What sets eVent apart from Gore-Tex is its ability to breathe even during more leisurely outdoor pursuits, so you aren’t sweating underneath your jacket.

eVent fabric is bonded with other materials to suit its intended purpose, from lightweight jackets to rugged hiking pants.

Hikers, bicyclists, kayakers, and others who spend time outdoors find having a waterproof rain jacket a reliable way to stay safe and protected, while continuing to enjoy their adventure.

What Makes a Good Rain Jacket?

A good rain jacket needs to be repel water and wind while being breathable and functional.

eVent is the best breathable waterproof jacket for warm weather because it’s lightweight and controls uncomfortable moisture build-up inside the jacket. Gore-Tex is heavier and is better for cooler weather activities.


Breathable fabric and venting zippers are crucial to keeping your body cooler or warmer, yet dry, during rain showers or outright downpours.

Vents around armpits, back yokes, or sides increase comfort and should offer easy-to-reach zipper pulls.

Zippers and Seams

Look for seals over stitching holes at seams and around zippers, which can allow water penetration through waterproof material.

Zipper closures should also seal tightly to prevent water leakage, especially if you keep important papers, devices, or matches inside pockets.


Look for cinch cords, elastic, or velcro adjustments at cuffs, waist, or neckline to create a custom fit to keep the rain out.


Participating in outdoor activities during rain can impede your visibility to others. A good rain jacket should have an eye-catching color, as well as reflective bands.

Best eVent Rain Jacket for Hiking: 2020 Review

Best eVent Rain Jacket_Trekkerr

What is the best rain gear for hiking? If you take outdoor life seriously, you know the importance of a warm weather waterproof jacket, since being hot and wet isn’t any better than being cold and wet.

I highlight these best jackets for rain that will keep you comfortable while hiking, fishing, boating, camping, and more, including features and pros and cons, so you can select the perfect rain jacket to suit your needs.

BEST RAIN JACKET MEN’S: Showers Pass Men’s Elite 2.1 Waterproof Cycling Jacket

The Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Waterproof Cycling Jacket features a durable, yet breathable, triple-layer waterproof fabric in a can’t-be-missed yellow color. The jacket boasts side and back venting, reflective tape on arms and back, vertical zipped chest pocket with audio port, and slim, sleek design that won’t interfere with any activity.



  • Adjustable collar, cuffs, and hem
  • Excellent heat transfer to maintain safe body temperature
  • Machine washable
  • Windproof to block cold air
  • Rip-stop nylon for durability
  • Back hem extension with large pocket


  • Side vents don’t extend through the entire armpit area
  • No hood
  • Venting at cuffs involves loosening the velcro
  • Zipper and pocket is on left-hand side (typical for US ladies clothing)

RUNNER-UP MEN’S: Columbia Men’s Watertight II Waterproof Rain Jacket

The Columbia Watertight II Rain Jacket features a full hood, soft chin guard to prevent chafing, sealed seams, velcro cuff adjustment, and cinching elastic hem. The Omni-Shield coating resists dirt, repels moisture, and dries super fast, so you always look neat.



  • Adjustable, abrasion-resistant chin guard and collar
  • Lightweight material can compress into hand pocket until needed
  • Machine washable
  • Windproof and easy to clean fabric
  • Two zippered side pockets
  • Zipper over-placket to enhance rain protection


  • No venting
  • Thin material offers no skin buffer against driving rains
  • Cut is slim, so thin underlayer is necessary unless you size up

BEST RAIN JACKETS WOMEN’S: Showers Pass Women’s Elite 2.1 Jacket

The Showers Pass Elite 2.1 Jacket provides a long-lasting eVent and Elite 3-layer ripstop fabric bond that ramps up rain and wind protection while maximizing breathability. This jacket offers six venting options for comfort and reflective 3M trim to keep you visible. The long back hem covers the lower back/upper buttocks, so you remain drier.



  • Adjustable collar, cuffs, and hem
  • Excellent heat and sweat transfer
  • Machine washable
  • Closes snugly around neck without chin irritation
  • Back zip pocket and chest pocket with audio port


  • No hood (available as a separate purchase)
  • Side vents stop at armpit
  • Fabric feels a bit stiff

RUNNER-UP WOMEN’S: Columbia Women’s Switchback Iii Adjustable Waterproof Rain Jacket

The stylish Columbia Switchback Iii Rain Jacket is a more affordable, yet highly functional and well-made waterproof jacket for the rain. The Hyrdroplus 100% nylon shell features a fold-out hood, so you stay dry and protected, but tucks neatly away to avoid impeding movement during activities. The cut is form-fitting, and two zip pockets keep your items secure.



  • Adjustable collar, cuffs, hood, and hem
  • Excellent water and wind protection
  • Reflective accents increase visibility
  • Machine washable
  • Two zippered side pockets
  • Stow-away hood
  • Lightweight and folds into a hand pocket


  • No side or back vent openings
  • Mesh lining