20 Things to Bring to the Beach With Your Puppy

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Going to the beach is one of our favorite things to do and it’s also one of our puppy’s favorite things to do. Taking a puppy along means your beach packing list doubles or even triples! We forgot a LOT of things our first time at the beach with our puppy, but we want to make sure you don’t. Check out this list of things to pack for a day at the beach with a puppy.

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At the beach

  1. Kong Harness – Bailey just grew into her new harness and I am obsessed with it. It is really secure and has a lot of cool features. I really love that it has a clip on either side so I can put her head through the harness and then instead of shoving one leg through a hole, I can just slide it back behind her legs and then clip each side. It makes it much more enjoyable. I also love that it has a handle on the top of it in case you would need to grab your dog for any reason. I keep imagining a dog charging at us and me lifting Bailey up by the handle, but let’s be honest. She has gotten way too big for me to pick up like that haha.
  2. Collar and name tag with their name and your number on it in case they escape-Keep in mind this is a brand new situation for them so they may not listen as well as you expect. Have a collar with their name on it on at all times in case they do manage to run. Bailey has a super cute pink camo one that is equal part girly and country.
  3. Retractable leash– We like retractable leashes so we can easily adjust how close or far away we want her to be. It also doesn’t leave those nasty rope burns on your hands. The one we use also has little baggies attached to it in case your pup chooses to use the beach as a potty.
  4. Towel for the puppy– you’ll need this to help them dry off and to help get the sand off of them before you get back into the vehicle. We usually use a normal beach towel, but I am SUPER obsessed with how cute this one is.
  5. Towels for you –You’ll need some towels for you and maybe on extra in case yours and your puppy’s get soaked or too sandy. We love this brand. They’re large and soft!
  6. An umbrella or covered hangout for the puppy to hide under if they get too warm. If you live in Texas like we do, then you will quickly realize just how hot the sun is. Make sure your puppy has a cool place to lay while you sunbathe.
  7. LOTS of poop bags. We did not bring nearly enough bags to clean up after her on the beach. There’s just something about the beach that makes our dog a pooping machine. We love that you can clip these onto whatever bag or leash you have so they’re always on you. Sometimes my fiancé even clips them to his belt loop.
  8. A bag to easily carry your puppy’s important stuff in case you walk on the beach. We got this cute little bag that has poop bags, room for her water bottle, room for her bowl, snacks, and more. We can even fit both of our phones and our keys in it too!
  9. A cooler– Both you and your puppy will need some cold drinks throughout the day. Invest in one of those amazing coolers that has rolling wheels and cup holders on the top of it like we did. It makes it easy to bring where we need it to go and can conveniently sit in between us.
  10. A collapsible bowl for food and water. We absolutely adore ours! It makes it easy to give her food or water wherever we are and then fit it back into our little bag.
  11. Bring some snacks for both you and the puppy too. Make sure they’re sealable so the seagulls don’t get them.
  12. Some beach chairs– If you don’t want to lay in the sand all day, bring a comfy beach chair. It also provides some more shade if your puppy wants to be near you but doesn’t want to lay under the umbrella.
  13. A tie out. There were a few times we both dozed off with Bailey’s leash in our hand. Bring some sort of stake system or attach it to your cooler so you don’t have to worry about her yanking the leash out of your hand. Luckily, our girl is really good and didn’t do anything, but I was so afraid she would!
  14. TONS of sunscreen. If you’re from Texas like we are, you NEED sunscreen even on a cloudy day. DO NOT USE SPRAY SUNSCREEN. We’ve had a few times where we got fried because we used spray sunscreen at the beach and it never actually touched our skin thanks to the wind. I personally love this sunscreen because it smells amazing AND it has a tanner in it too.
  15. A waterproof speaker– We love to jam out while we’re at the beach. Our music helps drown out the other noise, which makes Bailey calm down and relax. We have both of these speakers, and we really like them. This one came with a little floaty so you can have it floating around in the pool. That cracked me up.

Bailey’s new Kong Harness!

On the way to the beach

  1. A comfy bed to hang out in on the way the beach
  2. A dog seat belt for in the car. These seat belts keep our little girl safe and contained while we are driving.
  3. Some toys to keep them busy. The one we linked to is Bailey’s favorite toy. She takes it everywhere!
  4. Some treats for being good. Bailey loves these peanut butter twists and so do we because they’re healthy for her!
  5. A comfortable blanket that makes them feel safe. Bailey loves having her blanket near, especially when motorcycles go by our vehicle while we’re driving. She likes to snuggle her head up to it to help comfort her.

There you have it! There are 20 things to bring to the beach with your puppy. You’ll have everything you need to have a good time. Make sure you save what to pack for a day at the beach with your puppy to your board on Pinterest so you can find it later.