16 Ways Travel Can Change Your Life

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There is so much more to life than settling for the place you were born and grew up in. Travel gives you the ability to grow as person in a multitude of ways, make amazing friends, and bring pictures or movies to life. Thrifty Traveler Tips has created a roundup of 16 travel bloggers who can undeniably say travel can change your life and has left them craving more. You’ll hear about all of these topics and much more! Click on any name to check out their blog and get ready to book a trip when you’re done reading all these captivating ways that travel has changed each of us!


Jess Grand Canyon“Traveling has become a big and very important part of my life. Traveling has given me the confidence to face the unknown and push my personal limits. I no longer can settle with something that is familiar, because I now know all of the amazing cultures and places that are out there to explore. Traveling awakens your soul and leaves you craving more experiences and adventures as if it were a drug. You have seen the world, both the good and the bad parts of it, and can decide how you fit into it. You are cultured and you are full of valuable knowledge that will influence everything you will do from now on. Traveling is more than just checking off places on a map. It’s more than laying on the beach or climbing a mountain. Traveling is about embracing all that life has to offer and realizing there is so much more to this world than just what is in your backyard.”-Thrifty Traveler Tips

IMG_8788“They say traveling is when you’ll truly find who you are, like there are pieces of yourself scattered in each corner of all the places you will visit. But after being to a handful of countries on my own, I realized that it was wrong. Traveling is not a process for you to “find” yourself, rather, it is when you’ll discover that you are always the person whom you choose to be. You’ll get lost in streets, immerse yourself in different cultures, meet strangers who’ll see you and accept you as you truly are. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll be vulnerable, you’ll be fearless. You’ll take comfort in being surrounded by unfamiliar places and faces. You’ll learn that in a way, everyone is also simply figuring life out one day at a time. You’ll realize that the world is too big and that there is always, always so much more out there. So don’t be afraid the next time you’re thinking of booking your next flight to nowhere, of your next adventure to self creation. You’ll come home not only with new stamps on your passport, but with a different, much better perspective about yourself, life and the world.” –Cariza

“My life changed when I went to study abroad in Japan for one year. I was very excited as I had worked a lot towards this goal of mine. During this one year, I made lots of new friends, discoveries and adventures. And I learned a lot. About the difference in cultures, human nature, forgiveness and about myself. I grew more confident and calmer where I have been insecure before. I learned to hold my own against others. I learned that people will come and go in your life and it is always best to welcome them, lovers or friends, they will be a part of your life and when it’s time to go, let go.

I learned (and love it ever since) how to travel by myself and had the best of times! I learned that people are usually nice by default and you will meet the most amazing, kind and interesting people on the road.”-Michelle

Iceland (374)“Travel can give you self confidence. When I went on my first solo trip abroad (well, solo with 5 other people I had never met before), I was 17 years old. I was fresh out of high school, where I had been applied to my academics to the point where I graduated and realized… I had never been to a Beach Week, Spring Break, or any other crazy adventure with friends. So I signed up for a backpacking trip through the Landmannalaugar Trail through Iceland. The experience made me more confident because I had no choice but to finish what I started, giving myself confidence and accountability. I not only made lifelong friends, but travel opened my eyes to a way of life I had never known before. Greeting and talking to random people that I would never see again. Being forced to trust others. Relying on other, and asking for help. Travel made me a better person in 3 weeks abroad than I ever could have been without that trip!” –Gabby

“Travel can and has changed my life. Especially in this photo below. Travel has given me Gratitude. It has shown me that I have an immense amount to be thankful for in my life, including my ability to help others. Helping this family build their home provided me with so much joy. This family taught me that to be happy you really don’t need that much. If you have people to love and people that love you, you have everything. This family showed me gratitude, and this experience is one that i hold dear to my heart and will never be forgotten.” –Jenna

I’m not a very social person. I’m not good at normal chitchat. It just doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m good at 1-on-1 conversations, but I’m very uncomfortable in groups. I hate trying to follow the conversation between 3 people in a bar. Because of this I felt something was wrong with me. I was awkward, strange and out of place at social events.

It was during my first solo travel abroad when I noticed a change within me. I was relaxed, eager to chat with people and the flow of conversations went naturally. Now, when I travel alone, I have no problems with talking to people in a group. I just walk into a dorm room and mix myself in the conversation. Travel changed me from being socially uncomfortable to a person who’s open to people and I’ve made some lifelong connections because of it.” –Naomi

1917985_1188477905837_7747847_n-1“I remember, not too long ago, listening to other people’s stories of crazy trips and being in awe of how brave they were to travel to these far flung foreign places. My friends assured me that I could do it too.

Since that day, traveling has become one of my greatest passions in life. It has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and challenged me in so many ways.

Traveling has made me realize that I can overcome any obstacle and manage any circumstance that comes my way. I feel like I can do anything!”-Chantell

Saying that travel changed my life is an understatement. I have always been into new countries and new places, but when I went on a student exchange semester to Poland in 2014, I never knew it would widen up my mind in a way I never imagined. So to make a long story very short – I realized I want to live elsewhere, too, so after returning from my semester back home to Croatia, I moved to Ireland, where I have been living for over a year now. I am going through experiences and getting opportunities that I never ever thought I would!”-Marijana

“I think to answer that question, Travel can be a lot like dating. It can show you what you do want out of your own personal self, and definitely what you don’t want. It can be an addiction or a deterrent. For me, it opened up my curiosity and thirst to explore more and try new food, experience new cultures and visits different landmarks.” –Sammy

Solo travel changed my life forever and showed me that even if you started your trip alone, you will never reach your destination alone. New friends are everywhere, you just need to be open-minded.

The most frequent thing you’ll hear when you say you travel: “I hope you are not traveling alone.” But are you truly alone in a bus with 40 people or in a plane with 300 people?

My first solo trip was in the United States and that boy with whom I crossed the Atlantic? Turns out 10 hours of hearing me talk wasn’t enough and we’re still in contact today. Later, I found out he’s from my hometown!” –Daniela

Danielle“Travel has changed my life for the better. Since my first solo trip to Paris in 2014, I’ve grown to be more independent and confident. On the road, I’ve been challenged in many ways and I had to assertively make decisions on my own. I am now more street-smart and my friends and family acknowledge my resilience and strength.”-Danielle

Traveling has made me a lot more comfortable in my own skin, and developed my confidence in myself as I continue to travel. The more places I explore, people I meet and cultures I get introduced to, the more I realize how big and diverse our world is. There is so much eccentricity and interesting individual personalities that amaze me and I’ve grown to thoroughly enjoy meeting new, contrasting characters from different walks of life. It has put things in perspective for me, and given me confidence in realizing my own worth and capabilities as I travel further down my personal path. The world is an extremely interesting one not because of how we are similar but how we vary, and traveling has allowed me to be aware of my own eccentricities as well as everyone else’s. I’m quite proud of myself for the person I am becoming with every new day and for that I owe everything, not to my education or background, but to traveling!”-Elaina

“Travel means many things to me. Over the past 8 years, I have managed to experience things I always dreamed of. However, when I think about travel and what it has given me in my life, it is solely this:

Travel has allowed my favourite films and television shows to come to life. Because not only can I watch my favourites anytime I like; I can also experience them as well. How? By seeing filming locations everywhere I go.

Yes I can do a set tour of the WB or Paramount lots whilst in LA-and they are wonderful! But more so, I get to travel the world and see the real places that my all-time favourites actually used. Whether it is the Home Alone house in Chicago, Bridget Jones’s Apartment in London, or the Sound of Music House in Salzburg…all of these productions become REAL. No longer are they an image on the screen. Once you have seen them in the flesh? They become a reality.

This is why I love travel. It makes my fictional life a reality. And I just love that.”-Toni 


Toni sitting on the Fault in Our Stars bench in Amsterdam

“I had my dream job, I owned a beautiful home that I had remodeled on my own, I had beautiful things, but I still wasn’t deeply happy or satisfied with my life. I turned 30, went on a trip to Costa Rica and my life was forever changed.

I met the most incredible people and saw how extremely happy they were with so little. I wanted to be apart of the Pura Vida lifestyle. It turned into so much more than that though after meeting so many people from around the world while living in Costa Rica. Each of them gave me a piece of their culture and heritage and left me with a strong desire to see and do more. I quit my job, found an online resource to supplement my income, sold my belongings, rented my house out, and haven’t looked back since.

Travel can change your life in many different ways, for me, travel gave me the opportunity to live an authentic life and truly find who I am as a person and pursue passions that aren’t scheduled on a 9-5 basis with 2 weeks off per year. Pura vida!” –Rachel

“Traveling has given me a vast network of friends for which I am always grateful because there is always someone to laugh and joke with or a shoulder to cry on, whether in person, over chat, or Skype. They celebrate my triumphs with me from across the world, which is always nice, and are always ready to help.” –Marisa

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Dana’s Life Changing Adventure

“While struggling through a divorce with my high school sweet heart, my love for 15 years, I just couldn’t picture life any other way. “We” were all I had known for so many years that I didn’t know who “I” was. A few months ago, on a whim, I packed up and back packed my way solo through Ireland for a few weeks.  Literally within days, the people, the landscapes and the experiences I had transformed my outlook on life, my soul, and my ability to move on. Sometimes you need to put yourself in a situation that forces you to look deep inside yourself in order to find answers you never knew you had. I’m home now, and already planning my next solo travel experience, and have never been more excited about my unknown future.”-Dana

Photo Credit: Dana

Photo Credit: Dana


I think I speak for all of these travelers when I say if you are ever given the chance to get out and explore the world, you should definitely take it. Life is too short and the world is too big to stay in one place your whole life.

Without a doubt, travel can change your life. So what are you waiting for?! Go book that trip and don’t forget to Share this post with your friends!