There are an infinite number of ways to travel the world so why did I choose Contiki? I am someone who likes everything to be planned out ahead of time while still giving me time to explore on my own. I think traveling shouldn’t be stressful, but fun and full of adventures. Contiki arranged everything for the trip so I could just enjoy the experience and take it all in. Here are the pros of Contiki that I found.

Our awesome Contiki bus!
Our awesome Contiki bus!

Pros of Contiki Trips

  1. The accommodations were booked– I loved that we didn’t have to find hotels in the areas that we wanted to stay in. Not to mention how nice the majority of the hotels we stayed in were. We were pleasantly surprised with the accommodations and they were all in safe areas of town so we never felt nervous entering or leaving our hotel.
  2. The Me Time activities was an awesome feature that other trips didn’t necessarily offer. In addition to all of the included activities, you could choose to do really neat things along the way. Some of the ones my boyfriend and I did were: bungee jumping out of a cable car in the Swiss Alps, white water rafting in Austrian Tyrol, wine tasting, learning how Schnapps was made in Austria, delicious authentic meals, and so much more!
  3. The trip was only for 18-35 year olds. This was really nice because it made it easier to relate to other people on the trip. It also made everyone go at the same pace instead of having some super charged teens who wanted to see and do as much as possible and some older travelers who needed to take their time and carefully choose what to see. We were all at about the same place in our lives and it made it easy to make amazing friends.
  4. It was the perfect mix of fun and culture. I’m not saying you can’t have fun while learning about culture but it can be hard to do so. I really enjoyed that we got to learn about the city and the history of it, but still got to go out at night and have time for things such as climbing a mountain to stand at the top of a light house or going to a Fish Spa. If you ever get the chance to go to a Fish Spa in Greece… DO IT! It’s such a weird but cool experience and I loved it!
  5. I can’t begin to explain how important it was that transportation between cities and countries was included. It was awesome that we had transportation and even better that this transportation was our own Contiki bus. That meant you could sleep, listen to music, and leave your stuff without fear that someone else would take it. This is not true if you are on a train or any other public transportation. In addition, the bus was very comfortable with reclining seats and music or a movie playing so you weren’t completely bored on some of the longer drives. The only thing that wasn’t included was taxi rides back to the hotel if you wanted to stay out late, which wasn’t bad.
  6. The ability to make awesome friends (mostly Australians)! We made some of the best friends on this trip. I can honestly say those people become your family. You cry when they cry, you protect them like your own, and you miss them like crazy when you come back home. Everyone is so open and honest with each other and you get to see how amazing everyone is in their own way. Shout out to my EU Panorama crew! I love you guys <3
  7. Everything was already pretty much planned! I am someone who likes to have a schedule (a flexible one) so this trip was perfect for me. With a plan to go off of, that meant we got to see as much as possible in a short amount of time. We also got free time but they made sure to give you a map with all of the main places you would want to see in that city. In addition, they would also tell you which places to go to first, how to see everything you wanted to see, and what places were overrated. This was so useful in order to get the most out of your experience. There were set pickup and drop off times but you could catch a cab in later or earlier if you had other stuff to do. The amount of flexibility while still having a plan to explore was something I really enjoyed with Contiki.
  8. A large portion of your meals were included. Breakfast was included every morning and sometimes lunch or dinner also was. This meant you had the freedom to try authentic food from the country on your own but were also guided towards some of the ones Contiki thought were great for the country.
  9. You never felt lost. We had a walking tour in almost every city to give you a feel of where everything was so you felt comfortable being left there. We had maps to help us if we were unsure but for the most part we never felt lost or even had to ask for directions. Our tour guides were fantastic and made sure we were comfortable with the map of the city before we left to explore.
  10. I always felt safe even though some of the cities we visited weren’t low crime places. You were always in a group or in pairs to ensure safety in the city. In addition, we were warned ahead of time every city that we needed to be more careful in to ensure that nothing was stolen, and that we would stay out of trouble.
  11. Their motto was perfect: No Regrets. This pushed you to take that leap and do as much as you could during your trip even if you were scared. I braved my fears quite a few times on our trip and I can honestly say at the end of the day I had #NoRegrets.

It was an amazing way to see everything we wanted to see in a short time frame and limited budget. We got to see all of the main attractions and enjoy our time in the cities instead of being lost, confused, and taken advantage of by the locals.

I would highly recommend Contiki to solo travelers, pairs, and groups. It is an awesome way to make great friends, see tons of attractions, and do it all stress free.

If you have any other questions about Contiki and my experiences, please email me at or send me a message on my Facebook Page Thrifty Traveler Tips.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out my Packing List for a Contiki Trip Across Europe!

10 thoughts on “Pros of Contiki Trips

    1. Awesome! That’s another great motto. That would be awesome to do two big trips like that. I need to start planning my next big trip. Thanks for visiting and I’m glad you liked it!

    2. “Sleep When You’re Dead” is MY MOTTO! <3 <3 <3
      Lately I've been wondering about Contiki/Wanderlands/FNEZ- the 18 to 35 tours…mostly it's the big tourist spots and that's why "backpackers" get all pretentious about them but to me it's like…most of the time backpackers arent getting THAT off the beaten track anyhow, at least not if they want to meet a lot of people and have a good time. Group tours aren't necessarily a played out thing. I've looked at some of the stuff offered at a lot of the ones in Bali & Thailand and it's such a range of cool activities for not much more than [most] people plan to spend anyway. Yeah, I could do the 20 Thailand tour FNEZ has for 1/5 the price on my own…but I wouldn't have the same social experiences or be staying in nice places, and I wouldn't be able to afford a lot of the more adventurous things unless I could round up 8 strangers willing to split the cost with me. This is good, I like knowing you had a good time. I think a group tour is in my future somewhere….just don't know when…

  1. Nice post! Reminds me of all the positives of doing tours! Make places like Europe to travel to (and all the diff currencies and languages!)

    1. Thanks Toni!

      I loved doing a tour. Even though it was fast paced and with complete strangers (at the beginning) we meshed together as one big family by the end. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime! Thanks for reading!


  2. I had no idea what a contiki tour until this article.
    Well written and so informative.
    I am sold!

    1. Acacia,

      That’s great that you are so pumped about Contiki! If you have any other questions please feel free to send me an email. It was an awesome experience and well worth every penny. Thanks for visiting my page!


  3. Great post! Makes me want to book a tour with them right now! I looked in to them for diving in the Philippines this Christmas but turned out they were a lot more expensive than others, did you find the price for your trip reasonable? love the blog 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Elaina! It was the same price as if we would have used Bus About and tried to do it on our own. The awesome part about our trip was that we got to stay in really nice hotels instead of hostels that we would have with Bus About. It was well worth the extra money to be able to relax and not have to deal with the stress of planning and making sure you were somewhere safe.

      We also booked off another website called Atlas Travel Web which offered additional discounts and bundling prices for the trip. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope to see you again soon 🙂

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