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Singapore Travel Tips

Singapore is a beautiful, vivacious city-state situated at the very tip of the Malaysian peninsula roughly 1.3 degrees north of the equator. In my opinion, Singapore almost has it all: city and coast. If they had maybe one hikeable mountain, that would complete my...

10 Things to Bring When Flying With Your Pet

As some of you may or may not know, I am a huge cat lover. Our little princess, Sasha, just turned 1 year old in May and has already flown across the country twice. We live far away from family and friends so bringing her along was easiest for us. We always take her...

10 Reasons to Visit Colorado

Colorado is a stunning state with so much to offer. Whether you're passing through or planning to stay here for a while, you will definitely fall in love with this beautiful state. My first time in Colorado, I had no clue how I would ever be able to leave it! There...